Sunday, January 22, 2017

January 22, 2017

The GoFundMe page that we put together has been a total disappointment.

We bare our hearts and our total financial issues for all the world to see, but I was still called a 'fraud', 'liar', and pretty much anything else you can think of.
I've even had friends verbally attacked for simply sharing the GoFundMe on social media! One person who I used to consider a friend, warned others publicly (in writing which I have copy of) to be careful when they are “only getting one half of the story.” And yet, this woman herself has NEVER spoken to me regarding our situation.
I'm sorry, but there are certain details as to why we were in such crisis that I am unable to legally write on a public site. If anyone were to need to know said details, I could and would be willing to share them privately. And no, not one person has come to me to ask.

But enough of that, now the GOOD NEWS!!

I want to thank all of our friends and family for their thoughts and prayers during the last 14 months, they are working!

God has answered many of our prayers in the form of a complete stranger. We have now been able to purchase a little 1997 car for me to drive the kids to and from school in town those 4 days a week, we've parked the van and once James is able to fix the issues it has we will be selling it and replacing James' car as well.
We have also been able to pay off a huge amount of debt thanks to God's miracle worker.

On top of his already busy full time job, James has been able to obtain a second full time source of employment. This has actually worked out quite well for us as he is able to sleep at the drop of a hat(unlike me who needs hours just to wind down) and is always guaranteed to have time to sleep versus myself who has to be available for the kids when sick, no school, and whenever Dexter doesn't nap! (which tends to happen every once in a while)

Due to all of the above, I will be removing the GoFundMe page.

Thank you again to all those that have and continue to keep us in your prayers, your prayers have helped us beyond what we could have ever imagined. It has given us the extra boost and encouragement that we so desperately needed.
Our battle is far from over but we are now able to place more of our focus on the children without the added financial burden.

Thank you to God's Angel, may He bless you for all that you've done for our family.

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