Sunday, November 13, 2016

Asking For Your Help

Dear Friends,

Again it has been a long while since I last wrote in my blog. The last 12 months have been stressful beyond words for our family.

I know as a Christian that God will provide all our needs, but I also know that God gives us the education and wisdom to be able to ask for help from those around us if we need it.

I am one who believes that everything happens for a reason,
I believe that there are always consequences to our actions be they good or bad.
I also believe that we are often chosen to suffer the consequences of someone else's decisions.

When I have my daily devotions, I've frequently thought about writing to you all on here, but then I think to myself, " But my blog is called 'My Life Unchained'....My life sure doesn't feel 'unchained' 100% of the time."

But that's the thing...Being unchained doesn't mean your life is going to be perfect! YES!! I needed to tell myself that! LOL

Someone I know once said, "This is heaven for those who are unsaved, but this is going to be as close to hell as a Christian will ever get."

As a Christian mom, I needed to take a step back and come to grips with the fact that I have never been promised an easy or even good life, that I will no longer be able to protect my children the way I used to.
When my daughters are away from me, I need to fully trust God to take care of them and release myself of the fear and anxieties that can creep in during those times.

Something else I am being forced to come to grips with, is the fact that during the last 12 months our finances have taken a few massive hits and unless we ask for help we will not be able to dig out.

I'm not used to not being able to pinch pennies here, eat less there, drive less during the week, and so on. What has happened is beyond our control and now that I have my 1 year old son to also care for, that makes fewer corners that we are able to cut.

James and I are working when we can but are not able to cover any extra expenses beyond the necessary.
We are choosing to expose our financial debt list to show that we aren't just asking for money to play around, things are at a serious level and need to be dealt with.
James and I have opened a GoFundMe account and in it we tell you exactly how much money we owe and what it is.
We are not asking for constant support, simply help to get caught up so that we can maintain our family.

I am including a link to our GoFundMe account below...I'm also going to try and see if I can put a button on the blog as well.

And please, don't think that you have to give. We still need prayer as our vehicles are falling apart but still running and getting us from point A to point B and we are extremely thankful for that. Also, other than the odd sniffle and tummy bug, we are all healthy. We still have food on our table and are still employed!

I'm going to try (again) to get back into writing on here...It may only be a recipe that I've tried that my family loves or simply what has all happened that particular day, but I'll do my best.

Thank you all again for putting up with me, you are awesome!

**Comments have been deactivated on my blog and will continue that way as some that are being sent in are quite vulgar and have no place here.**

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