Tuesday, January 7, 2014

To My Sister Julia On Her 21st Birthday


Not a day,week,or year has gone by that I don't think of you. You have always and will always be close to my heart.

    You were so young when I ran away, and there are many times where I wish I had tried to take you with me. 
I realize that wouldn't have been possible because you were so young at the time,but I would have if I could. PLEASE know that!

Now as you have reached the 'age of majority' both according to Canada AND the U.S., I would like to extend myself to you and offer you a place to live with my daughters and I in our home.
   We don't have much, but we are family and I want you to know how much I miss and pray for you and I REALLY want you to know that you are welcome here ANY TIME, day or night.

(And no,I am NOT living with anyone as the gossip suggests)
There isn't anyone in this world that can force you to stay where you are....not anyone. 
Let them get mad,let them try and convince you otherwise, but you're an adult and are allowed to choose where you live. Even if your father says 'no'. There are MANY that are able to help you leave if that is what you choose to do.

I hate the fact that in order to even try and communicate with you I have to write in such a public manner,but this is the only sure way of knowing that you  receive my message.

The 'Contact Me' button is connected to my private email to which I am the ONLY one that has access to. So feel free to write me at any time.
My phone number is also listed in the phone book.

I love you Julia and I hope that you have an awesome 21st birthday today!


  1. Julia drove onto my country yard before Christmas, intruding on my privacy, and tried to convert me. I am a Christian, by the way. She was very defensive of her dad.

  2. Hi Laura. I don't know if your sister answered your email or not, but I thought it was appropriate that someone would respond to your letter to her. I thought it was a nice way for you to reach out to her. I imagine she has been brain-washed by family and friends to think that you are the enemy, but I hope that she will learn to think for herself. I think that if she would stop to think about it, she would realize that the way she was brought up is not the way Christ deals with people. He gives everyone a free choice, but your parents don't let your siblings choose. I hope that at some point she will open her heart to you and respond to you. Tina