Thursday, October 13, 2011

What Are You Thankful For ?

What with this past weekend being Thanksgiving, I'm sure we've all had people asking us this question.

Some of the obvious answers I think we've all heard or even said ourselves are our homes, children, spouses, salvation, church, etc, etc.

However, have you ever thought to actually thank God for the trials that He has allowed you to deal with and go through?  Or have you become bitter and disgruntled over those things?

I can't say that I am covered by armor that protects me from some of the harsh comments from some of you. I am (after all) human and have feelings like anybody else.

I know that for myself, the things that God has ALLOWED to happen to me throughout my entire life have made me into more of the person that HE wants me to be.

Looking at the fact that my relationship with my mom has been dissolved, it has changed my heart as a mother myself.
I am taking the time to not care as much if my house is spotless (which it RARELY is) and spending more time when my girls want to cuddle, play outside, or just sit and watch a movie with me.

I thank God every day for my children and the great joy they bring to my life.

With my siblings no longer being in my life, it has made me much more patient inside. 
Yes, I can train horses and deal my little ones patiently, but when it came to other things my heart wasn't nearly as patient.
I know that God has and is working in my brothers' and sister's hearts and that one day I will be able to get together with them as a family and that our children will finally get to know each other.

It has been said that I need to get down and go to them and talk, but that has already been done on my part.
I have found peace in knowing that I have done what I need to, to bring reconciliation between my siblings and I. The rest is off my shoulders.

I will not lie just so that there can be a good relationship, that goes against everything I believe and what the Bible teaches.

I have been blessed to have a little communication (although not always positive) with a few of my brothers.
And I thank God for being able to keep close with the majority of my extended family down in the U.S., even in the midst of the storm I have found true family and friends.

I am constantly being honed and refined into the woman that I need to be, and tho it hurts alot at times I know that as long as I stay close to Him I will continue to grow and mature.

So, the next time you start to feel over-whelmed with something(s) that's going on in your life, just remember that nothing happens that God doesn't have to allow first.

And no matter what it is that you're having to deal with, if you stay close to Him you will be better for it.