Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pete & Connie Reimer - A Couple Who Helped Me

This particular post is one I am glad to put up.

Pete Reimer and his wife Connie are a couple that I respect and consider blessed to be their friend.

They were first my adoptive 'aunt' and 'uncle'
It was actually difficult for me to start calling them 'Mr. Pete and Miss Connie'.

All through the years, I felt that I could talk to them about pretty-much anything.

When they were 'church disciplined', I was already 18 and therefore allowed to sit in on the members' meeting regarding their being 'disciplined'.

My father, Mike Sullivant D.D., came down from the platform and paced along the front of the auditorium.
He proceeded to apologize for the church 'having to follow thru with the rites of church discipline regarding Pete and Connie Reimer'

I didn't know what to say, or to think?!?!
They had been such a huge part of my childhood/teen life...this can't be right!

Mike Sullivant D.D. proceeded to tell the members, that they (Pete and Connie) and been spreading and telling numerous lies about various members of the congregation.
I just sat there,beside my mom in the pew.

Since leaving the church, I have now been able to get THEIR side of the story. It is far different than what the members were told that night.

If it weren't for Pete and Connie Reimer, I don't know what would have happened.

That last night of my being trapped and guarded, I called a friend of mine using the phone in the hall at the church.
I would quickly talk to her for about a minute or so, then hang up...Wait a few minutes as a deacon came and talked to me.
Called my friend again and she suggested calling Pete and Connie to come get me. I JUMPED at the chance!!
After several short little phone calls to my friend, it was decided.

I put my duster and hat on, grabbed a calendar that someone had given me, and looked over at my baby brother Jeremy in his adorable little suit and tie.

I slowly walked down the road to a car repair place less than a block from the church, and hid behind a tree and waited for Pete and Connie to pick me up.
They took me to the college in Altona, which is where I had been living up 'til that point, so that I could get my clothing and more of my belongings.
My father had had someone change the locks so I couldn't get my things and we left.

I thank the Lord for putting Pete and Connie in my life, not just because of how they helped me get away, but also because of their testimony, leadership, and friendship

I am allowing Pete to tell some of his story here on my blog.
He has some outside knowledge that even I was not aware of while attending the college, that directly pertains to my life's story.

He will be able to shed some more light and give another point of view as to what went on.