Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Friend - Pete Reimer's Story ~ Part 1 (in his own words)

When I was first asked to share my experiences and tell my story I wasn't sure I wanted to rehash all that I have seen and experienced.

I have seen and heard many other people's stories and experiences and must say I'm not one bit surprised to see what is taking place.

I know many will not be able to truly and fully understand, or believe things which I will be sharing however, I feel that God did place me into many positions at PVBC for several reasons, and regardless of what others think, the time has come for me to start sharing what I have been through and experienced.

I would like to start off by saying that the things which I will be sharing are MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES, and can only comment on those situations from which I have seen, heard, been involved in and experienced first hand.
Although I will refrain from many details which I am not at liberty to share at this time, I will try and share as much as possible as God gives me the liberty to do so.

I started off at PVBC looking to find a Bible preaching,teaching, and living church where my family and I could worship the Lord in freedom and honesty.
As many others I had lived a past that I wasn't proud of and now I was ready to clean-up my act and do what I could to serve the Lord.
Not long after we joined church membership and faithfully attended all services possible.
I was very familiar with the Sullivant family, seeing how they came to many of our family gatherings such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and family Birthdays.

Shortly after joining the church My wife and myself were asked to help out Gary and Lisa with the youth and we agreed to do so.
This is where we first had the opportunity to know the youth and many families in the church.
After some time, Mike asked me to take the youth Pastor position because he had noticed that the youth had taken a liking to my wife and myself over Gary and Lisa therefore he had asked them to take over the Pastor position in Trehern MB.

I told Mike that I felt inadequate for this position but he assured me that this was what I needed to do, so I agreed .

Here is where Mike began to try and mold me into one of his own although at first I had no idea what he was doing.

When we first took over the youth Pastor position we had approximately 15- 20 youth and they didn't always all show up so the numbers varied.
With God's help we worked hard to make youth a fun, exciting, and enjoyable place for youth to come to and we saw the number of youth attendance go up to over 125 youth in under 1 year.
We knew God had blessed us with a gift to work with the youth.
Within approximately a years time, the church started CBBC and I attended this school for a B/T.

I now was involved in church and Bible school all but 2 days a month which I got off.

Here is where I would like to share some important information with everyone.

Much has been said about Laura, Discrediting her, falsely accusing her, calling her a liar, and so on. I knew Laura from a young age.
My wife and I were her Sunday school teachers, her youth Pastor, and friends.
I have seen her weakness and strengths, her dreams, her failures and success,her good times and bad times. I've known most if not all her boy-friends, her girl-friends,her likes and dis-likes.
I know her church life, her home life, and have stayed in touch with her throughout all these years.
One thing that I can say is that she has never been good at telling a lie with out it bothering her so much that she wouldn't go make things right.
She has a thing for honesty even if it gets her or someone else into trouble.
She along side her brothers, always had a desire to serve the Lord and to the best of my knowledge they are all serving God to the best of their ability even today.
They may have different beliefs and convictions, but I believe they are doing the best they can with what they have been given, taught, and told.
I know that people have no idea what this young woman has all been through and has had to experience.

The day she ran away from home and asked for me to pick her up, I knew that Mike had finally drawn the final straw with her.

I'd like to say that I was surprised but I wasn't.

My experiences working with and beside Mike showed me a side to him that many people have never seen, and those that have wish they didn't know.

The question has often been asked if any one has ever gone to Mike to confront him about his side.
Well believe me, I have.

At first when I noticed questionable situations, I approached him as a Fellow Pastor and Friend, all to no avail.

I then Prayed and searched the Scriptures in order to find answers on how to confront him. I then went to see Mike with another member, then another Pastor, Then two other Pastors. I have had many meetings and discussions with Mike and asked Him on several occasions to make things right only for him to tell me to stop fellowship with these other men and Pastors,and ask me if I was still tithing, tell me I was in sin, and tell me I had no right to question him.

Well, according to Titus 1:6-16 I have God's authority to question even my Pastor if I believe he is in sin.

I have been lied to from Mike on many occasions,I have brought Him proof of all my concerns and he refuses to acknowledge the proof.

When I brought him papers to show the proof he has torn them up and thrown them in the trash without even reading them.
When I brought other Pastors as witnesses, he has told them to leave or told them they were not allowed to speak.

For meetings, he has told me to come alone while he has brought all his deacons to defend him and hide behind.

Through my experiences I have come to know that He is a habitual liar,abuser,control addict, deceiver, and manipulator.

I know all to well who this man is especially behind closed doors.
He is accountable to no one.
No, not the church,or the deacons.
He is the final authority in his so called church.

I have many other Pastors, Councilors, and fellow believers who would testify the same.

I think that working as close as I did with this man for the years that I did have a pretty good idea who he is. I had a much closer and intense relationship with Mike than most people ever will.
I have been and continue to be threatened and have myself and my business defamed continually.
I am sure this will continue because Mike, and some of his deacons and friends, wish to shut me up because they know I have seen, heard, and witnessed things that they don't want revealed.

My concerns aren't with the church, only those in leadership who know they have gone astray and sinned, but refuse to confess and make things right, and continue to falsely accuse others.
It has been to easy for you for too long to turn the tables on others and discipline any one who stands up against you.
Innocent people have been deceived and hurt and had their families and friends torn away from them.

And this is a non-Biblical practice.
It is bullying people in order to control them, it is abuse, and I along with Jason and Laura and MANY others will take a stand against what has and is continuing to go on at PVBC.
Peoples' lives have been destroyed from the results and effects of there experiences at PVBC.


  1. Rebecca "Elias" HarderMay 5, 2011 at 11:32 PM

    Just wanna thank you for sharing this. Hoping it will help others to see the truth.

    God bless,


  2. I am so glad that someone finally has the courage to reveal what is going on at the PVBC. It is unbelievable that a father would not go see his daughter and her children in 12 years knowing where they live. Such pride is so awful in the eyes of God that His word says "pride goes before a fall." I believe according to the Word of God that if PMS does not repent soon, he will fall. I pray that God will show him that he is in the wrong and would change it. Signed TB

  3. Thank you for sharing your experiences here. It's so easy for others to label you and others that have left as being bitter, angry and vengeful. There are no options available to those that disagree with Mike Sullivant, and these labels fit into a convenient and simplistic storyline that doesn't require change or self-reflection from Mike Sullivant or the current members. Keep speaking your truth. Your words reflect the spiritual abuse and pain that so many members and non-members have experienced, and are experiencing. We know that Mike Sullivant is not a monster. He's not that different from anyone else. However, he's currently in a position of a great deal of power and influence. That power and control will not be easily relinquished by him, but it's encouraging to see that a community of people like yourself are being created from it that can support those that are thinking of leaving, or have left.

  4. There are no decisions made at the church where we all don't vote on.I really don't know where your problems are. If you left take your grievances with you and go. I have gone to the PVBC for a long time and I find your accusations ridiculous. I have been spiritually fed there and I wish you would all quit your complaining . If you are not happy go find a church where you will be happy and leave us alone.

  5. To May 6 2011 10:45pm
    It is normal for you to want to dismiss the negative when all you see is the positives. HOWEVER as I listened to PR story, he stated that he tried to leave quietly but was "church disciplined" instead! You say that you attend there and vote on matters wondering what all the "fuss" is about - What those that have left are saying is that you are merely voting on the infomation of PMS and as you have read there is another side to many stories! You go even further by claiming that this is rediculous . . . may I remind you that "there by the grace of God go I(YOU) or someone that I (YOU) love." I do not know you or even the ones who have put together this blog, but I also have experienced this type of abuse in a church. All I would have to do is change names and events! One thing rings similarily true and those are the things that are seen and witnessed "behind the scenes" the things that when there is manipulation and control going on are the things they don't want everyone to see!!! Because if they did - there would be no money coming in the offering plate ... there would be no congregation! Laura and PR and others are simply stating facts and warning others to BE CAREFUL, they don't want others to be hurt the way they themselves have been wounded! So I say thank you to Laura for sharing her side of the story and to Pete Reimer for having the courage to come forward - because let me tell you it will have taken exactly that COURAGE! It has helped me in dealing with all that I went through and the pain that I feel today as a result many years later. Sometimes you say that nameless people are cowards . . . that hurts, but just know that you are helping others not just those involved at PVBC!

  6. To May 7, 2011 7:28 AM, that was well articulated. There's a reason why PVBC has done so well in the Winkler area. As a whole, Mennonites are pacifists, are very concerned about "looking good", and avoid conflict like the plague. This bodes well for recruitment to PVBC. The old school Mennonite teachings and language are falling by the way side, and many "seekers" are searching for a more meaningful ideology to replace it with. There are many intelligent members who happen to be borderline illiterate (often through no fault of their own), and have limited or no exposure to any other religion other than the one they've left. It is a very enticing message that PMS offers, speaking so earnestly and CONDFIDENTLY about matters pertaining to life's bigger questions. How tempting is that! Here's a man who has implemented the "church discipline" approach of perceived collective decision making, and appears to make it very clear what people need to do in order to "get right" with God. There's no critical thinking needed. If this was God's will, would he not have planted a "Mike Sullivant" in the garden of Eden? His level of dogma is very enticing to a population that seeks understanding and direction at a time of tremendous change and upheaval for the old order Mennonites, and religion in general. My heart goes out to those that have been spiritually and emotionally wounded. Peter Reimer and Laura Sterk, thank you for honoring your truth, and for becoming so vulnerable and open in a public forum such as this.

  7. To May 7 7:28am and to May 7 12:55pm. You have both said it so well. You are explaining the Baptists that there is another side to PMS that doesn't come out on a Sunday morning or even Sunday evening. He puts his smile on and shifts into "holy" gear and the trusting, yet gullible people fall for his every word. PMS has allowed himself to be put on a pedestal by the admiring people who go there faithfully. I know of what I speak. I too come from an abusive church where the pastor and his leadership were not questioned. While I attended there, every time someone left the church, the remaining congregation was always told that the ones who left and left in rebellion! I and every else would fall for there every time. When we finally opened our eyes to see what was going on and admitted that there was ALWAYS two sides to every story, and were ourself trampled on, we left. I realize that we the out siders can tell them all our stories, but until they will be willing to hear that maybe it isn't just the way PMS has always told them, they may begin to soften their hearts and BE ON GUARD lest this same manner of evil falls on them. The Bible tells us that a pastor is suppose to be blameless, but it really sounds like PMS might be PERFECT. He seems to think that he is above reproach and has his people believing it as well. People, just look back to the history of cult-like churches and make a comparison to see if by any chance your pastor is truly controlling and wants you to bow to his every wish. Thank you Laura and PR for sharing your stories. I believe that the Lord will bless you for it. Signed KB.

  8. Good Points May 7 12:55 How true about how vulnerable people from this area are.They mean well and all but they cant seem to find the answers in what they are looking for.Most of these people don't ever want to stir up a fuss,and they also try to avoid conflicts. They are mild mannered people who believe in honesty and integrity.They lack in knowledge of Biblical teachings,and therefore are vulnerable and easier to deceive.No it's not necessarily their fault, but it is a result of not knowing better.They are also often enticed When they listen to someone who is persuasive in the way they talk and preach.This Pastor needs to let the Holy Spirit do the convicting, not the pastor Preaching conviction upon people,That is the Devils works. The pastors message should be uplifting,unifying and edifying to the church.Conviction is the job of the Holy Spirit,not the Pastors Job unlike what some pastors seem to believe.

  9. 10:45pm: if you don't want to hear this, then stop reading the blog. It's that simple.

  10. Thank you Pete Reimer. Your account of what happened will open the doors for others to share their experiences. It's a predictable recipe of reasons used against those that disagree with Mike Sullivant. 1. They need to "get right" with God, which happens to be achieved by following exactly what Mike Sullivant believes to be "right". 2. They have a root of bitterness in them, and Satan has led them astray. 3. Any disobedience or retaliation by ANYONE is simply a form of persecution that Mike Sullivant and the Pembina Valley Baptist Church members are experiencing for doing "right".

    This type of reasoning allows Mike Sullivant complete control, but conveniently frees him from any accountability of his own actions. The amount of power and control that this gives Mike Sullivant is tremendous.

  11. Thank you for enlightening on just some of your experiences. Pete since you resigned and left how many of your "old Friends" are still in communication with you? Has anyone since that time ever come to you to hear your side of the story? How can people choose to make decisions like church discipline with only hearing the Pastors side of the story? How many People have been disciplined at pvbc to your knowledge? I hope that the people who vote on these people to be church disciplined know that they are also accountable to God for falsely accusing a brother or sister and for hindering and causing one to go astray or stopping them from continuing in the work of the Lord. That milestone around their necks won't feel to comfortable. I hope that you or someone else who has gone through this same experience can share some answers with me. I am looking forward to hearing more from you. You are truly helping many of us to see things that we have taken for granted for all these years. Answers are needed and accountability must be given.

  12. To Laura, Pete & Connie, & the others who have shared their stories, thank you for speaking out. It is by doing so that the world can see that it is not an entire church that is off on a tangent, but rather one man and his "sheep" that are mis-guided. I hope that all of you find the support that you should have found in 'church' in each other. God Bless you for taking a stand.

  13. WOW, you brought the youth up to an attendance of over 125? thats about 3 times the amount that I remember. and I was there.

  14. Mr Wagon Burner I would be very interested where you come up with your numbers. If you choose to reread my posting you will see that I stated that the numbers of youth attendance went to over 125 people. I never stated this was a regular attendance, however on several occasions the numbers did go to over 125 people. We have kept a record of those in attendance to youth functions and still have the records of attendance,what message was preached ,and what activities the youth did. The average for youth attendance was aprox 70-75 youth and often up to 100 youth. I would be glad to show you my records if you or anyone else wishes to see them. None the less I would think that in all that I had to say you would choose to chase a much more important rabbit trail than that of youth attendance. It seems so easy to get side tracked from that which is of importance. For the record you can feel free to use your name , you have made it clear to whom you are and Im not offended. I respect you for taking a stand for what you believe and know that someday it will all be clear and visible for you to see. I'm glad to see that you and many others are checking things out in order to find the truth. I have my proof of the truth as I stated so just let me know when you want to come and see it. I have kept the records of most all the youth functions, activities, and Sunday school attendance so Im pretty sure I might just know what I'm talking about. Feel free to let me know If I can clarify or elaborate on anything else for you. May God bless you in your searching for the truth. Pete Reimer

  15. Evil needs to have a defence, truth stands on its own. Jesus never defended
    Himself. Tina

  16. Pete Reimer, I don't know you, but I get the feeling that your story is VERY credible. I also find it saddening and funny at the same time the way Wagon Burner and other pvbcers constantly try to discredit you and your story. You must be a real threat to them. But, rest assured, as you and others come forward, there will be some that see the light. For others, they will keep their eyes and minds closed no matter who tells what story. The only way some of them will ever see the light is when, not if, they get church-disciplined. At the rate that PMS hands them out, sooner or later the numbers of "disgruntled" memebers will grow and there will be more and more stories coming out. Keep sharing Pete, for your story and Laura's is helping many [..................]

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  17. Pete Reimer, I don't know you, but I get the feeling that your story is VERY credible. I also find it saddening and funny at the same time the way Wagon Burner and other pvbcers constantly try to discredit you and your story. You must be a real threat to them. But, rest assured, as you and others come forward, there will be some that see the light. For others, they will keep their eyes and minds closed no matter who tells what story. The only way some of them will ever see the light is when, not if, they get church-disciplined. At the rate that PMS hands them out, sooner or later the numbers of "disgruntled" memebers will grow and there will be more and more stories coming out. Keep sharing Pete, for your story and Laura's is helping many outsiders [....................]

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  18. While reading through Pete's story part #1 He mentions that PMS was approached by Himself and other Pastors. May I ask who these other Pastors are? Then my next question is why do so many others think that they can question, or get through to PMS if He wouldn't even listen to Pete and several other Pastor's? Please don't misunderstand me, It just seems like PMS is to arrogant and proud to even take advice from fellow Pastors so why would he give anyone else any leverage? All the evidence shown so far leads me to think that there are some serious control issues here. I really never wanted to think that pvbc was run as a cultist church, but when I see and read these stories of control issues and spiritual abuse I realize that all the evidence is sure pointing in that direction. When can We expect to hear more to your story?

  19. What about a credit card used for making purchases for the church? Should only the Pastor benefit from the free air miles obtained from it?

  20. Maybe no one else noticed but the one Wednesday evening service they had
    PMS notEd that the church leadership takes care of all church member church
    discipline. No church member has a say or vote on it. One other thing people
    might want to think about. When the voting is done who counts them and
    were do they count them were everyone can see them being counted or in
    a private room? If in private then it doesn't matter what anyone votes they choose the outcome and just tell you that that's how the voting went.
    Something for you PVB's to think on.

  21. Pete Reimer when are you coming out with part 2 of your story? I keep looking for it since you wrote part 1 in you story. That says to me that there is more to come. I look forward to the next part. I truly believe that it will help many people to see that they are being controlled and leave, or keep people from going to the pvbc. Please keep your stories coming so that people may be warned about the spiritual abuse that is going on at the pvbc. Signed Tina

  22. Would it not be great to have a reunion of sorts, revival meeting, of ex PVBC'ers, welcoming all disenchanted members, ousted members?? I think that to be a grand idea

  23. I know that there are many questions that have been asked of me throughout this first story. I would like to say that I hope to be answering them all for you in my next story. Part two will be out soon and covers some of these area's. Please keep praying that the Lord will keep my mind sharp and help me to reveal what needs to be known. I am not to well appreciated by many at this time and you can imagine the rumors that are going around. I will share the truth and I hope that it helps many as it Has helped us to know the truth behind Pms and those involved. Pete Reimer

  24. Pete Reimer if you are already not appreciated by many at this time, then just let the whole truth come out. Don't hold back because PMS and his cronies will dislike you regardless, so you don't need to try and appease them. Just bring out the truth as you remember it in hopes of helping anyone out there who is thinking of either leaving pvbc or whether they are thinking of going there. I know that it's easier said than done, but at this point PMS would like nothing better than for you and others to run out of steam and just become quiet again. The Bible says "be sure your sin will find you out." PMS's sin is coming out and he doesn't like it. Remember: Evil rules when good men do nothing. May God's peace be your umpire and do and say all to His glory and honor. Signed Tina.

  25. 8:25, your idea is a good one. The abusive church I was in emptied out one family at a time until almost no one was left from when our pastor first came. Though many ended up at the another church, some were scattered. We made a reunion page on facebook, and now keep up with each other there. It is good to catch up with people you used to fellowship with, and share stories and see how things are turning out in each family. I hope you manage to reunite with the former members of your church.

  26. I don't think anything needed to be said for the truth to come out. God will have his time with PMS and his leadership for just following instead of seeking God's word and spending time in prayer seeking the truth rather than just listening to one man or couple. Not that I am against the sharing that has happened here. I am just saying that God isn't surprised about what has happened. He is not in heaven saying "WHAT!!" How did this happen? He will judge the actions of PMS and his leadership( more harshly for leaders bible says). Its sad how callused and hard hearted a person can get that they don't choose forgiveness and reconcile with family. God isn't finished with pvbc. We are accountible to search the scriptures for ourselves. We should always question our leadership to God. I don't mean always publically. But in our quiet times with God. Ask Him to reveal truth to you. God wants to speak to all his children. Jer 33:3 All these stories grieves me so much. They should never happen. A kind word turns away wrath. This didn't have to happen this way if PMS was listening to God. God would have shown him how to speak and love Laura. God always is love first. Always! PVB's read your Bibles and ask God to show you the truth that you need to know. Ask God what is your part in the harvest. I am not perfect and have many flaws but I am seeking to do God's will.

  27. 9:08 am, would you not warn someone if they were about to walk into an ambush? I believe that all these stories need to come out so that the people of "church" see what happens behind closed doors. They do not see that in the bible. If someone is about to walk into a fire... I would do my best to stop them.

  28. I really hope that those of you who were there at that church in the past realize how unstoppable you were at that time. Shortly after that church put down stakes in town, the Spirit within me said to me "Danger! Watch out for the smooth talker." But would you listen? No, I was rather shunned and distanced, and lost some good friends.

  29. Wow - God is Love, but a God of order, too. It's interesting how some of you take hook-line-and-sinker what one side says, but turn around and condemn the other side. God use many means and often didn't question when people sinned. He purged, he purified, he loved, but in the end he said vengeance is mine. I know some of you are acting in the name of protector, condemner, and some just spread innuendos without checking anything out as in the case of May 16 9:08.You have it half right. Get in your closet and pray and allow the God of Heaven to judge according to His Will.

  30. When I moved into town, I guess City of Winkler in 2004, it was the PVBC that reached out to us to help us move in a time of real need. The four young men are still my good friends today that came in a moment's notice. And not one person has let me down, except those who continue to spew this sinful blather on this blog.

  31. @ 4:31 pm

    What is sin?

    1 John 3:4 Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.

    This behooves us to know what the Law is. Is it the Ten commandments?

    The Ten commandments are moral laws which remain in effect today.

    The Ceremonial laws which have to do with sacrifices for forgiveness of sin are of no use to us any more now that Jesus has been substituted.

    Dare we neglect these 10 laws?

    Galatians 3:29 And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.

    Revelations 12:17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

  32. This is to all the pvbcers who stand so faithfully behind PMS. Let's just look at 1 Timothy 3 where the Bible tells us how a bishop is to be. In between the verses I have put in brackets the things that are questionable. And I quote, "A bishop then must be blamesless, (can you honestly say that PMS is blameless in the way he has handled Laura and his parents?? Be honest with yourself when you finally see that there are 2 sides to every story)the hsuband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behavior, (all the stories that have been told about PMS's bad behavior NEED to be taken into consideration), given to hospitality, apt to teach. Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre: but patient, (PMS does NOT sound, or seem patient with someone who is seriously looking for answers! Instead of being humble and helping them with their question, PMS just knocks them down and "marks" them)not a brawler, not covetous: One that ruleth well his own house, (one who RULES as in being an example, not demanding and iron-fisted),having his children in subjection with all gravity: For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God? Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil. (This mentions a novice here, but the same can be said of anyone. PMS seems to be very prideful and arrogant. Beware, this could be his downfall if he doesn't deal with his pride),Moreover he must have a good report of them which are without:(Here is another thing for pvbcers to remember: PMS does NOT have a good report from those who are without) lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.) The next verses go on to say exactly how deacons are to act and behave. It sounds to me like the deacons at pvbc do not have a backbone to stand up for what is truly right and godly. They only stand up for PMS for fear of what will happen to them if they should think on their own.
    Deacons, please ask yourself this question. Do I follow the Lord in everything? Or, do I follow PMS in everything? Now, don't tell yourself that you are following the Lord because PMS is. If you will look at all his actions and words which I know you have seen and heard by now, you MUST have to at least admit in your heart that you have a problem in your church. That problem is PMS and you deacons who obey his every word. Ouch!~ The truth hurts. I know of what I speak. We have been there, done that.

  33. Amm.. May 17 10:14 pm.. It is nice to see the hand with the finger you are pointing at Pastor Sullivant has three pointing back at you. In what you are writing about PMS I see in you. You have described yourself very well. It is so sad to have people like yourself incriminate yourself.
    PS: Had you been in church Monday after noon at an awesome home-going of a young saint.. You could have seen the Lord do mighty miracles.

  34. God dealt severely with sin as he will I'm sure in due course with people here who are trying to destroy a man, a family and a church that stands for the Right and the Truth.

  35. Just to let you all know there is not a problem in the PVBC. Are you there at all services? A true christian does not go around condeming other churches the way the blog is. It is a disgrace what is happening. Now don't go and say he is a disgrace.We have the the best pastors I have ever heard speak. And the devil does not like it.And Laura , she decided to be a rebel. Pastor had no control of her rebellion. She left and was rebellious. She knows it but does not want to admit it so she blames, blames and blames some more..Are your kids perfect? And it is none of our business how he disciplines his children.Does he come to your house and tell you how to discipline your kids if you have any.People go and do good works for the Lord and quit picking. You all seem to be so self righteous. You are all quoting scripture which is very good but listen to it. I thank God every day for our pastor and he has been a blessing to all of us. You should come and listen to God's messenger and you would agree.

  36. He disciplined his kid threw the church so yes it then is a public matter he made it public when he used the office of a pastor to discipline his child publicly.

  37. May 19, 2011 1:34 AM

    You all keep saying that Laura was an adult and her dad had not right to tell her what to do, then you go and say that he should have kept his dicaplene of her private(in the family). and when is a church matter public?

    maybe her dad should have dicaplened her more before she turned 18.

  38. oh, yes, the pembina valley baptist church as mike well I remember them...and the hassles I received as they were so appalled that my children were never hit, and the talks I got that I needed to hit my children, and regularly...they didn't need it, didn't deserve it, and I didn't believe in it, so I did not listen to them, but, i did leave the church. go Laura, you always deserved better. Glad you are happy now! congrats, keep up the good work!