Wednesday, March 23, 2011

To My Sibling (ATTENTION Anonymous 10:56am)

Due to a recent comment made under my last post @ 10:56am, I feel the need to write this to the sibling that is referred to in that comment.


    Do NOT worry about family and friends, you have SO MUCH extended family that will be beside you no matter what! And as for friends, if they ditch you for leaving our father's church they were never your true friends anyway.

    I know more than anyone out there what you will be facing. The verbal/spiritual attack that is headed your way will feel like more than you can handle.

    BE STRONG!! God is not cruel, He will be beside you all the way. We are ALWAYS given a way of escape!

    My family and I don't live very far from you, our names are listed in the white pages under Jason & Laura Sterk in Steinbach,MB.

    I LOVE YOU !!!

To All Those Who Are Reading This Post,

Please watch out for my siblings that are still there, they will need your support now more than ever! 


  1. Wow, If this man is willing to destroy his very own family what would stop him from doing it to any other family? People even just reading this blog and listening to what everyone has to say - both sides i would NEVER want to put my family under or in a church of this kind. If you were looking for a person to watch your children and 5 different people told you they were abusive would you really close your eyes and just give this person a chance with your most precious children???? I don't think so. This seems to me like the very same thing. If you read this blog you would know that there has been alot of hurt and pain caused by this man and why would you people close your eyes and just hope and pray nothing happens to you??? Just a thought!!

  2. Pastor Mike Sullivant, it's not too late, you can still salvage relationships here. Isaiah 59:1 "Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor His ear too dull to hear."

  3. And if you believe what that Poster said then you are the most gullible people in the world.

    Oh, and Pigs can fly too.

  4. list of others who have broken family relationships because of this man:

    Paul & Erica Wolfe
    Randy & Kathy Hildebrand
    Bill & Melody Harder

    Obviously mr guess is gullible and believes everything his pastor says.

  5. Fact,

    what did these People do to you?
    If they didn't do anything to you then why are you bringing them up.

    You can't leave people alone can you? The Bible has allot to say about people like you.(gossips busybodies, etc.)

  6. No one has come forward with any proof yet?

    Sounds like a pack of lies to me.

    But I guess that's to be expected coming from this group of church disciplined Smurfs.

  7. Apparently, proof that Laura is lying is that all of her other siblings are still loyal to their family and the church.

    Of course they are! They saw what happened to Laura. If the Spirit of the Lord moved with compassion in them (as it did her Grandparents) to reunite with Laura, they would lose everything.

    Sure sounds like "Individual Soul Liberty" to me!

    I hesitate to call any church a cult, but it seems rather "cultish" to cut off family relationships. In most other churches, you won't loose everything if you leave, or have a slightly different theological belief system.

    If it is true, that a sibling wants to contact Laura, I pray that they will search their heart, and let the Lord guide them, regardless of what others will think and do. They may be surprised at the people who will support them in this decision.

  8. Anon 9:32pm.. you keep asking for proof. Words are proof. Laura's life is proof. All the others that have left.. their lives are proof. Their words, their stories.. that is PROOF!

    The only proof you except are the words that come from Mike Sullivant... therefore you are completely blind. Like the people on the Titanic who didn't enter the life boats because they believed the ship could never sink. There was proof.. the ship had hit an iceberg and yet they still believed in the boat's strength.

    The iceberg is right in front of you.. you are just blind to the truth of it.

  9. Re: 9;18 AND 9;32. No one ever said these people did anything to anyone. All that was mentioned is that the "so listed " names were involved in broken up families because they choose to blindly listen to what the Pastor says. ITS A TRUE STATMENT, Dont even try to pull off another twisted Bible verse that in some demented way justifies this. Hovever Two of the three listed are vey involved and they KNOW IT , and the third is slowly getting into more than they know. I also love the statement "NO one has any proof yet,and were all 'DICIPLINED SMURFS' . OUCH how old are you? Maturity level is becoming of your nature! Some of you still arent getting it ,You want answers, you want me[PIONEER} ,to add to this? I told you dont even get me started. I can verify that 9;01 is a true statement {WITHOUT TWISTED SCRIPTURE}. However Im not a gossip. Gossip is filled with lies,BUT I am a VERY BUSYBODY For the work of CHRIT. I WILL LET EVERYONE WHOS INTERESTED KNOW THE TRUTH. BRAINSTORM ; Im not your typical brainwashed ignorant Person, Ya I know your all waiting for me to spill "the Beans". All in Gods do time!! Statements like Church disciplined smurfs}.only goes to show that you think every one with a difference in opinion is DICIPLINED. Think again,besides church disciplined people are still CHRISTIANS still serving the Lord Faithfully , be carefull how you judge, you could be next. Its true that I follow this blog closely, In some ways Im like most of you, I follow this blog looking for any one who actually knows what their talking about, Ive been looking for this for 15 years. Sad to say most havent got a clue of the SPIRITUAL BATTLE'. thats taking place,it originated before many of you even knew you were getting involved in it. Note:1 by 1 I have been revealing the truth to the people who are ready for the truth. Eventually I will share it for all to know. For those of you searching for the truth keeep posted I WILL BE BACK. For those of you at PVBC who are involved in the REAL STORY'. Dont for a minute think that Im foolish enough to release just anything to anyone. If I wanted to DO THE DAMAGE, I COULD AND YOU KNOW I COULD. Please be wise and come clean., your HOLE is only getting deeper.

  10. To whoever made the smurf comment,

    Do you know what happens to people and churches that think they're above sin? I'm not saying those who are being disciplined were even involved in any sin at all, but you obviously think so and your pride is a terrible stench. A harsh reality will come when you see you're capable of all the things you look down upon others for. If you and others from the church seriously look at people this way it's only a matter of time and God's hand of blessing will be completely removed.

    And Mr. I have a big story to tell,

    Go or get off the pot.

  11. "Note:1 by 1 I have been revealing the truth to the people who are ready for the truth. Eventually I will share it for all to know. For those of you searching for the truth keeep posted I WILL BE BACK. "
    It seems to me as though the devil himself sits at a computer and monitors the goings on on this blog. Pioneer, you sure are doing the devil a favor by your actions. Being a "busybody for the work of Christ" sounds more like you are lending the devil a hand.

  12. If we're the "disciplined smurfs" that means you're the undisciplined smurf, and still under Papa smurf's spell. - And in case you didn't know, Papa smurf was a wizard.

    I see he's still feeding you his potions.

  13. im so glad that i dont go to the pvbc anymore i did attend the church till i was about 8 i am now 18. i belive that this church did tear our family apart a bit. after we left the church only me n my mom went to a different church. my parents r sepereated n i think it might have started going down hill then already. one of my close friends also went to that church her family is still together but her extended family is not at least one of her cousins. she trys to contact her n she just ignores her n this cousin is still going to the pvbc. also one of my other friends left her family b/c her dad was treating her like crap he would take most of the money that she made away from her n also said that she was not good enough to be a christian. her parents still go to the pvbc but she dos not n never will go back. i will also never go back b/c of what this blog is saying. i belive that what laura is saying is true.
    laura stay strong what ever comes ur way. ur rock of life is christ

  14. Here we Go we're all drinking the Kool aid


  16. OK, All you parents out there.

    If you have ever yelled at you child, pointed you finger at them for being rebellious or had a rule that your child disagreed with. Then you should step down, do the right thing and let your Children run your house. Or you will be the next Dictator we will take down.

  17. anon 11:25,
    you forgot "prayed death over them and warned all their friends to stay away, and encouraged families to break apart". Narrows the list a bit, doesn't it? Now, if you do fit into this list, it would definitely be better that your children run the household. Joash was only 7 years old when he began to reign, and was in power for 40 years. Don't tell me that just because they're children, you as the "parent" are always right!?! If God saw fit for a child age 7 to rule over His people, is it possible that maybe just maybe Laura at 18 and as a CHILD OF GOD was ready to make a few decisions on her own?

  18. 12:23 PM

    Read why he was successful.

    Joash was saved from Athaliah's maniacal wrath by his older sister Jehoshabeath and her husband, Jehoida the priest. When Joash was seven, he was made king, and Athaliah was put to death. Joash would remain king for the next 40 years. So long as Jehoida lived, Joash was at his best. He set his heart on repairing the Temple that had long been neglected by his predecessors and resolutely did so. However, the turning point in Joash's reign (and his life) came when Jehoida died. Without the good priest's counsel, Joash went astray. "Now after the death of Jehoida came the princes of Judah, and made obeisance to the king ... And they left the house of the LORD God of their fathers, and served groves and idols" (II Chronicles 24:17-18). In fact, so great was Joash's rebellion, that he ordered the stoning death of Jehoida's son, Zechariah, who had confronted him about his sin. Joash died from the hands of his own servants who sought revenge for Zechariah's death.

  19. "Rebel Child", you're funny.

    Anon 12:23 Yup. Parents are not 100% infallible. They are sinners too. And parents started life as children anyway.

  20. I'm sorry, this seems out of place now, but the page on February 21 titled "Re: My Grandparents" doesn't seem to accept any more comments. The last comment by Anonymous 12:10 PM on March 19 asked a question and it wasn't answered. (I hope she's reading here.) She said this: I've "heard" a lot about women in this church are "made" to have babies until they are no longer physically able to. True? I know of a few couples who started attending PVBC after they were done having babies and were told to "undo" whatever "damage" they had done to their bodies and get making babies again!
    If this is true, which it must be, because we've heard of a few couples who were made to do this, I would then view this church as being somewhat Cultish....

    My answer: I have never heard anyone at PVBC preach that anyone "had to" have children. God in His Word says that children are the heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is His reward: see Ps 127:3. As one mother of many children responded when questioned about it, "Which one of my children do you think I should not have had?" I would say it is encouraged to have children, but never commanded, to my knowledge at least. Thanks for asking.

  21. thank you Anne. anon 1:35, Yes, I will agree that "the priest's good council" is what we all need in life, the message I want to convey is that PMS needs to understand and accept that he is not the only "priest" out there, and definitely not the one with "good council" in hard times. I don't dispute the fact that he (pms) knows his bible and how to bring a great message and do all sorts of good when.... things are going as planned,... and everybody agrees with him. It's the other times, in the valley, that he's dangerous, wolf in sheep's clothing. STEP DOWN PMS, and do what you claim to be called to do, SERVE, humbly, like Jesus did,(maybe wash a few feet) not too busy or proud for ANYONE, least of all your daughter or grandchildren. Remove yourself from your social responsibilities and study your parental role, seek the Heart of God in this and every other matter so as to be restored. James 5:16 "confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed"


    "Melanie said...
    Sis, if you find that lies are told and families are broken, wouldn't it be wise to find out? From both sides?"


  23. Anonymous 1:35,
    correct me if im wrong, but didn't they have priests interceding on their behalf in the old testament because the Holy Spirit had not yet been given? so if your stating that joash only did things right because of the priests good council, than have no fear, laura has one better, the One the priest was getting his council from lives inside of laura.

  24. Attention!!!! 7:03, 8:13

    just wondering, when you type the phrase "I will be back!" do you say it to yourself in an Arnold Schwartzenagger terminator kinda of a way? Me too, I do that all the time.

  25. The PVBC must be doing something Great for the LORD. Because that the only reason Satan would be attacking the Church and it's leadership. this hard.

    It's just Sad to see all these so called "Christians" leading the attack. I think Laura And all her Supporters will hang their heads in Shame at the judgment.

  26. Do the people at PVBC really think it is right for their pastor to tell a member "HOW DARE YOU QUESTION ME!" when they disagreed with him, or "I AM WHAT IS BETWEEN YOU AND THE PEARLY GATES, YOU WILL BOW DOWN TO ME!"? The all caps is for the emphasis that Mike put into these statements. I don't care who you are, or what church you got to, this is NEVER right!!!!!! Tell me that is not someone on a serious power trip! Who will be hanging their head in shame at the judgement?

  27. Anon 5:20: lol. Just because someone speaks against something doesn't mean satan is attacking that thing. Truth does not equal satan.

  28. anon 5:20, we will ALL hang our heads for not having done more. please read Matthew 18, it's all relevant. i would consider breaking a family apart a HUGE stumbling block. i would not be where i am today without mine. also, trying to break the trust between farmer and farm hand just to cover his rear for something as small as letting how much they tithe slip? yes, hang our heads, that there was none of us warrior enough to forcefully bring him "behind the shed", not to show him who's boss, just remind him that HE IS NOT!!!

  29. Someone should ask Lyle and Helen Neufeld their story.

  30. 7:49 pm Sounds a lot like Christian love, I want your Christianity:(

  31. Caleb Peter ReimerMarch 24, 2011 at 10:48 PM

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  32. The Bible teaches that the institution of family is of divine origin and purpose. For a church leader to encourage the breakdown of the family for any reason is no doubt working against God's principles. God wants us to do all we can by His Spirit to build up, not tear down the family. The life-long hurts and divisions caused in families due to the Sullivant teachings are very sad, and do not bring glory to God.

  33. Mat 10:35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

  34. PART TWO; I KNOW YOU ALL MISSED ME SO HERE WE GO. IM LIKE THE ENERGIZER BUNNY I JUST KEEP ON GOIG. Lets grab our pvbc church CONSTITUTIONS ; I love this stuff its like picking up the free press and reading the comics.ARTICLE V11 DUTIES OF MEMBERS. Sect 3 'It shall be the DUTY of the members to be LOYAL to the PASTOR and to the program of this church". Im stuck with this one, what does LOYAL all involve? Just get involved deep enough Im sure youll find out. I did. ARTICLE V111.WITHDRAWL FROM MEMBERSHIP. SECTION 2 A "Request must be made in writing to the church and the name of the church with which the members wish to unite MUST be designated.' Even if you want to leave your Pastor needs to approve the church you wish to attend when you leave pvbc. How is that any of your bussiness ? I obviously dont want to be at pvbc so get over it. Besides arent all other churches than pvbc cults? #3 " all letters or certificates shall be sent by mail to the pastor or clerk of the church designated in the application. Membership shall terminate upon the GRANTING of letters or certificates. All members who have requested letters or certificates shall be notified at their last known address WHEN AND IF THE SAME BE GRANTED. You cant even leave if you want to, you first have to apply at the first bank of Mike for APPROVAL. LETS HOPE YOU GOT GOOD CREDIT. ARTICLE 1X OFFICERS G Refrain from attendance at or support of any dance, dance hall, movie or movie house of theater that produces such activities. { but you can watch whatever you want on you tv sat dish units at home or lab tops/comp because we all know there's nothing SINFULL on that stuff. besides you wouldn't watch that stuff anyway your way to spiritual for that!! "H" Comply with other rules and regulations established for each office. HUMM what kinda rules are we talking about here? GUESS THATS KINDA LIKE HOLDING THE WILD CARD ISNT IT? I was wondering why I always lost!!! ARTICLE X Ahh why bother explaing it ,Ill just sum it up for you . PMS RULES AND CONTROLS EVERYTHING. Sucks to be you doesnt it. Trust me been there done that I know how you feel. ARTICLE X1 Ill sum this one up too. DEACONS OBEY NOW !!!!TOO CAPTURE THE FULL EFFECT OF THIS, IMAGINE PMS LEANING OVER HIS DESK POINTING HIS FINGER IN YOUR FACE WHILE HE STATES THAT COMMENT. Ya its kinda like a PUPPET SHOW. Wow Id love to go on but I think I just vomited in my mouth. I appoligize for my sarcastic remarks, but its the only way I can actcaully make it through reading this junk. Folks this is serious stuff and Im not trying to beliitle that point, Im just amazed that so few of you actually see what your involved in. Ive done years of research because I wanted to know What INDIVIDUAL SOUL LIBERTY actually ment I found out one thing forsure YOU CANT FIND IT AT PVBC. NO your right I havent arrived yet , but IM WELL ON MY WAY. SORRY PIONEER Haters when I applied for Satans possition it was already taken, Ive heard it all before It must suck to KNOW THAT I HAVE THE TRUTH

  35. I find it interesting that anonymous people find it in their right to post other peoples names in this blog without talking with that person ie: the families that were named at the top of this thread. if your going to accuse someone publicly stand up and be counted! on that note we are almost to 7 weeks since my promised email from someone on here so my personals are still the same, email and cell 362-2907

  36. anon 8:35, yup, christian love it is, i'd take an ass-wooping any day rather than Gods wrath. He sent warriors out to slaughter.:)

  37. Pioneer, get over yourself. You are twisting and turning the words in that church covenant to suit your own needs. You quoted it yourself, "All members who have requested letters or certificates..." This is something done upon request. It is a simple matter of church polity.
    Then you also went on to give your 2 cents,"You cant even leave if you want to." That is a bold face lie. Shame on you. You are embarrassing yourself.

  38. MS was a graduate of HAC and is continuing in the footsteps of Jack Hyles. It is unfortunate that no matter what proof the Pioneer comes up with, loyal followers of MS will believe their leader with blindness that is reminiscent of the Jim Jones cult. They will not question their authority (MS and his twisted doctrines - instead of the bible)and will do anything to discredit anyone who is in opposition to him.
    Laura, keep telling your story. Hopefully, some will come out and some will be spared from ever having to experience PVBC and MS.
    For an interesting read about where MS was educated and his mentor go to
    PS Jason Hiebert maybe you should ask your sister again if she ever said anything even similar to what she is being accused of. Maybe she is afraid to tell the truth.

  39. Asked and answered she is no more afraid of any of you than me as i have repeatedly proved by not only giving you my name on my posts but my email and cell#.

  40. FACT: To comment made at 9:42AM Just to set the records straight so that you have the facts. When we asked to have our membership removed we were told "no". Reason being - we were under church discipline.

  41. To Anon@ 9:42
    Unless you have experienced these things for yourself, you will never believe it anyway. I know of one other case where the people also could not have their names removed, and were then church disciplined. If you don't want the truth, then stop reading this blog. You seem to think that everyone is a liar except Mr. Sullivant. You keep living in your dreamland. When it happens to you, you can call me, I won't even say 'I told you so'

  42. 1:29

    That says alot about you

  43. Did you ask to have your name removed anonymously?

  44. Pastor Mike Sullivant needs to remove himself from his post, or we can " him like delia got done..."-johnny cash- seriously, how many families have to suffer before we get rid of this moron?

  45. You and the haters club are nothing new! the one who empowers you has not changed his approach for several thousand years. But greater is HE that is in me than he that is in the world.

  46. Speaking of Johnny cash . I think he sang PMS theme song 'I FELL INTO A BURNING RING OF FIRE'

  47. Thank-you Pioneer for your comments.

  48. The PVBC church constitution can be found here:

    The covenant, statement of faith and constitution are all right there.

  49. Thank you Melanie,

    That Statement of Faith is so damaging to the Cause of Christ.

    Are people really offended by the Churches Statement of Faith? Remember, that if you join the PVBC you are telling everyone that you agree with the Statement of Faith. Are you all saying that you lied when you joined?

    If you don't agree with the statement of faith that your Church has then you should leave.
    That's what I would do, and you won't find me telling the world that it was such a horrible church.

    And if standards are what is keeping people from serving in the Church, then maybe they should ask God if it's wrong to conform to those standards in order to serve.

    There are many that won't let these little things keep them from serving the LORD. But it is a sad thing that people will decide where they go to church based on what the standards are not based on Doctrine.

  50. RE 9;01PM AND 9;18 PM MARCH 23 At first I wasnt sure if I was going to share a story with the blog or not. I figured Id be like many others out there and just silently follow along. Now Ive been convicted to share a story with all who read this blog. IT BROKE MY HEART TO SEE THE PAIN THIS FAMILY HAS GONE THROUGH!! It goes like this. A former youth Pastor of PVBC{who resigned from his postion aprox 10-12 years ago} AND NOTE HE AND HIS WIFE AND FAMILY WHERE CHURCH DISCIPLINED FOR THIS. Shared his experience at pvbc with me. WOW did I ever get blown out of the water with what this Man of God has seen ,experienced,and battled through. He told me a story several years ago about how his family use to be 'TIGHT AS NAILS'. He mention how his family did everything together infact when the Sullivant family first came to winkler they took them in as part of the family seeing how sullivants had no family in Canada.They would have sullivants at their birthday parties ,family gatherings,Christmas,Easter,Thanksgiving,s ummer bbqs,etc. He then went on to tell me his experience at pvbc and cbbc{Canadian Baptist Bible College} He shared with me what all He had seen take place [REMEMBER,I ASKED FOR THIS INFO}. He then explained the reasoning behind his resignation from Pvbc. He was involved heavily and was priviledged to much inside information, you see not only was he the youth past but all taught sunday school, preached many wednsday night message, preach in Altona,winkler, steinbach,trehern,wpg,Portage and cbbc, he also was a song leader for the church, plus helped head up many differnt projects. The information this man knew was mind blowing. Anyway I might just share some of that wil you all one day. Here is the story that broke my heart. He told me years after He had left how He asked his Mother what she wanted for christmas, her reply was "for ALL of my children to be home for christmas just once again before she would pass on. You see see has had cancer years prior and many health problems.So this man made a plan, he told all his family from the winkler/morden area to be sure to be there for christmas,he then called up his sister and brother-in-law from Alberta and paid for there way to come out. Then He did an amazing Christ-like action {One that I would struggle to do}. He went to his Sister and brother-in-laws[KATHY AND RANDY HILDEBRAND} who are deacons at pvbc, and said the following. to the best I remember it went like this. Kathy and Randy I know we have are difference but I wanted to give mom the best christmas present this years that I could and ask that you please come to Moms for chrsitmas. This was their reply. UNLESS you go infront of the pvbc and appolize to PMS and tell the whole church that you were wrong in what you did and say that PMS was telling the truth we wont fellowship with you no more. You are living in sin. He then told him he couldnt lie to the whole pvbc with such a statement. In reply Kathy and Randy then told him to leave and never come to their place or talk to them again. WOW CAN YOU IMAGINE. And people are saying pvbcers arent brain washed, the perverted gospel and un-christian like behaviour of many pvbcers, not all !!!! .Is enough for me TO KNOW ITS A CULTISH TRAP RUN BY A DEMONIC FORCE!!! This man hasn;t had anything to do with Kathy and Randys family since they left,according to pvbc its FORBIDDEN. I know this man now could give a hill of beans for what goes on there but I pray each day that He will come out and share his story. All whats taking place tells me he knoes whats going on in pvbc and everything he ever shared with me is the truth. Wow will some of you have some explaining to to for all this one day!!!!!

  51. Didn't Johnny Cash also sing "Stony Mountain Prison Blues?" :D

  52. "Are you all saying that you lied when you joined?"

    That's not the only option. As people study and grow in grace, the errors start to become visible. When they are mentioned to the leadership, they are ignored, in my experience. And why do we have standards that go beyond what God has given in the Bible? Jesus Himself would not be accepted into the CBBC, because His standards would not be high enough. (shakes head)

  53. 10:34

    I am not against you but I hope you had permission to tell that story, and I am NOT in favor of naming people on here. You gave enough details that anyone involved would have known who it was, so that wasn't necessary.

  54. 10:34

    ..and my I also add, especially since you remain anonymous.

    If you call out a name have the guts to post your own.


  56. I suspect that Pioneer will reveal all in due time. Many of us have probably figured out who he is. I'd like to be selling PMS-Zopiclone in Winkler the next while as he drops his story piece by piece! I'm sure there's a few people suffering from insomnia...

  57. Have any other PVBCexers been contacted by any current members? In the last month or so we've been sought out by 7 different couples seeking the truth about Mike Sullivant (or in some cases, simply needing validation for their own experiences). A few have now left the church, and the others are praying about how/when to exit, and whether to make public their own experiences with MS. Several of them are so deeply involved I would have NEVER thought they'd ever leave, but Christ has been doing a great work in their hearts. Pray that teh Lord will be near them during this time, since many of us know the heartache they will feel to be cut off from so many loved ones.

  58. To Anonymous 4:38:
    This is interesting, and I too pray for strength and wisdom.

    In light of this information, I have an observation, and a question to ask.

    There is one thing that current PVBC members and PVBCexers have in common: at one time, there was something that attracted us to this church in the first place.

    May it have been:
    1) Good KJV Bible-based preaching that is difficult to find in other churches?
    2) Fellowship with other believers who want to grow in their faith?
    3) Children's programs, and friendship with other homeschoolers?
    4) Beautiful "church" music, not rock music.

    Yet through the years, many have come and gone. Is it because:
    1) Lack of individual soul liberty?
    2) Lack of authoritative accountability?
    3) Hyper-separation (even from saved family members)

    My question is this:
    If there is an attraction in our communities for a Bible preaching, conservative church, WHY IS THERE ONLY ONE OPTION?

    This is not a bash towards other churches in the community (as there are many). I'm just asking, is there only room for one Bible preaching, conservative church in this area?

  59. In light of all the Johnny Cash talk, I'd like to dedicate this one to PMS.

    ♪♫♪♫ "...Well you may throw your rock and hide your hand. Workin' in the dark against your fellow man.
    But as sure as God made black and white,
    What's done in the dark will be brought to the light.
    You can run on for a long time
    Run on for a long time
    Run on for a long time
    Sooner or later God'll cut you down.
    Sooner or later God'll cut you down. ♪♫♪♫

  60. "Anonymous said...

    "Melanie said...
    Sis, if you find that lies are told and families are broken, wouldn't it be wise to find out? From both sides?"


  61. So this is the point of Laura's Blog

    It was never about her telling her "story"
    it was about her getting back at her father.

    she's not reaching out, she's lashing out.

    It all makes sense now.

  62. Anonymous 6:12PM
    Could it be that the other options exist in forms that are not made of wood, stone, brick or steel?

    The traits of that cult are attracted us to it are good but those are also a trap if you choose to stay in it.

    If you think of PVBC as a section of a bridge, it's a place for those seeking truth to catch a glimpse of the beauty and terror of a man-made organization.

    I've learned to think of my experience at PVBC as part of a path God lead me through. He's used that experience to rid me of my reliance on another man's teaching, but instead to thrive on the leading of the Holy Spirit.

    I'm rather torn about the thought of MS being dethroned because of what God has done in my life (and several others I know) through and in spite of him.

    In telling my story, I've shared an experience that some, in spite of our warnings, might one day find familiar, and change course accordingly.

  63. To anonymous 6:12
    The other conservative churches in winkler also believe they are Bible preaching, King James reading adherents of the Word. In this they do not differ from PVBC. It is only in the level of disfunctionality that you will find differences. If you look at PVBC's performance during its stay in Winkler it has done remarkably well compared to some of the other conservative churches in the area. They have had stable leadership, they have grown in numbers, they reach out to the community, they take in the lonely and dispossed that others have cast out.

    One only has to take a quick look at a few of the other churches performance over that same time period to realize PVBC has not done so badly.

    Who has failed most miserably is open to discussion. Likely its a three way toss up between the church who has fought and split and elected new ministerial by my last count 4 times, or the church who has dumped a bishop, and split into factions 3 different ways and is still foundering, or the last church whose chief priest has an such an iron grip on his assistant ministerial that they are terrified to rock the boat. The saving feature in this last church is that most parishinors have had the intestinal fortitude to make an exit for the sake of there children when it all gets to much.

    But that is not saying that leadership at PVBC has done a particurly good job. It just means that the others have done worst. And its this mass of broken, hurting,searching, disaffected people that have built the congregation at PVBC.

    And it is that same list of factors have kept the pews relatively full in the other churches. Just, those people are coming from Mexico, Belize, Paraguay, Bolivia where they leave similar intolerable situations.

    Just another thot. Alot of the comments involve the use of scripture to scourge others. Reminds me of Jesus's lament of the scribes, pharisees, chief priests. They were also into biblically scourging everyone but themselves. Jesus said "yea know the law of Moses, but know not the love of God". Today churches in many ways are a modern day parrellel to the old testement church that Jesus was so disgusted with.

    We do devotions every morning, we do long ritual prayer morning noon and night, we do bible study, it is demanded of us to get deeper and deeper into the word. We listen in awe and reverance to dobson, martens, stanley, wiebe, swindoll, friesen, sullivant, hoeppner, kroll, elias, and who knows else but we are not able to hear the voice of GOD.

    I would suggest for a time that we lay it all aside and do penance. Lets repent and be reconciled with our God and our neighbor. Lets do the sackclothe and ashes thing. Lets just follow the new commandment that the King of Kings would have us do which is to LOVE GOD AND YOUR NEIGHBOR.

    We already know the full course of the LAW Let
    us lay aside all strife, bitterness and anger. Let us not continue to strain at gnats. Lord we have divided hearts, families. Lord we have taken an eye for an eye and made the community blind. We no longer sup with father, mother, sister brother for we have been in condemnation of each other.

    For our sakes Lord give us another day.

  64. Wow, I'm just blown away by all this childish bickering. Is this really what the Baptists in town are really like? Reading all that I have read these past couple of posts I think I have come to the conclusion that this church scares me! The only reason I remain annonymous is because I have a few Baptist neighbours and I would be very nervous about what they might do if I posted my name.
    We as Christians must be loyal to Christ - not our earthly leader, and that is why I question having a church led by a "one man show".
    I don't know you Laura, I've also never stepped foot into this church, but I pray for you (Laura) and your family during this incredibly difficult situation.

  65. Is the constitution of PVBC made up by Mike Sullivant? Does the pastor of each IFBChurch make up his own constitution? So if Mike steps down, you're thinking a better constitution might be put in place and a better leader could come in? Just wondering because it seems that Souza at Keystone rules similarly as Sullivant.

  66. amen anon 6:40, "sooner or later" if there is none that is warrior enough among us, God will cut you down!!! step down, pms, unless, having studied scripture, you deem yourself prepared for them WOES to come.

  67. I don't know what jason Hiebert is trying to prove all i know is that i ve heard a lot of hypercritical things from him. One minute he is Mr Great baptist Christian and other he is swearing and telling dirty jokes. hmmmmm?

  68. Ok so I have been following this blog since I frist heard about it. To be honest I was happy that someone was stepping forward and telling there story.We do not attend PVBC but have members in our family that do. We have on occasion been there for an event. I like certain things about PVBC (modest dress) But the fact that pretty much everyone there put's Pastor Mike on such a high throne, is something that greatly bothers us. It has really affected our family. The one's that do attend there just put themselves higher then the rest of us. Some of our family who were true christians before they attended PVBC now act as though they knew nothing before they went there. What I would really like to know is why if you attend PVBC can you not fellowship with your family who does not attend????? We serve the same Christ. Although we may do thing different how is it for you to judge and say we are not good enough?? We dont agree with everything you do but we would still like to put those things aside and get together as family. Im talking about our family here when I say that they have almost nothing to do with there parents. Yet thy say when there kids are grown and out of the house, they will have a wounderful relationship. What if for some reason your kids decde not to stay Baptist will you still have contact with them?? Because you sure dont seem to be setting a good example for your children. Since you dont have the time for your parents and siblings that do not attend PVBC. We do have contact with our family that attends PVBC but It always has to be initiated by us. And I know for a fact that if we did attend PVBC we would be included in all there get togethers. As we have seen this with other family memebers. As soon as they started to go to PVBC they were totally accepted as part of there group. Where as before they rarely spoke. I would love to actually ask our family this in person but I know that it would just start a huge fight. Anytime we do end up talking about stuff we dont agree on it just turns ugly and they all stand together and we are just wrong no matter what. Also for anyon out there who goes to PVBC can you tell me why when people invite there family to an event in there church. They do not come. But get upset if we dont want to attend an event at PVBC????? Also I have to say a number of comments on this blog from PVBC goers are so nasty!!! Im sorry but for me that is such a turn off. Not to say that some other people on here have been any better. Im really glad Laura that you are telling your story. And I think people should maybe think before they comment. Many comments do not seem very christian. I do hope people open there eyes and see that Mike Sullivant, is just a man not GOD. He can sin just as well as any of the rest of us. I have seen our family fly into a rage when questioned about Mike. They cant even maybe listen to a thought that he is not perfect. Im really not trying to bash anyone on here just saying that we have ALL sinned and come short of the glory of God. I just pray that if there is truth to some of the accusations coming out. That light will be shed on them. Also Again I have to say it really makes us sad that just because we are not Baptist that we are not "good enough" to fellowship together. Im in firm belief that there will not be only Baptist's in heaven. So if someone has some answers for me as to why PVBC have to stay away from there non PVBC families I would appreciate it. And please dont attack me for the spelling mistakes and so on because yes I know there are many. But that's not what this post is about. Thank you and I look forward to more post's Laura.

  69. you know im not trying to prove anything here. apparently you know who i am and i have never claimed to be "Mr great baptist Christian". i welcome all to feel free to contact me all i ask is that you try to be civil. email is and cell# 362-2907

  70. Dear Anonymous 12:32
    It makes me sad to hear that this is how you feel regarding your family members at PVBC, but I must say, it comes as no surprise.
    "Friend Day" at PVBC is such a farce. They've secluded or excluded themselves from everyone, that they have no friends left to invite! THey are taught to only associate/fellowship with like-minded Christians. So, what that means is that they typically don't do any socialization with people who don't go to PVBC.
    This also happens within the church too! Some of the elite PVBCers, will not fellowship with the not-so-elite (or whatever you want to call them!)
    I think there are 2 reasons for this, but I could be wrong.
    1. There is a mentality that you become like who you hang around with (which is true). So, essentially they don't want your kids bad influence rubbing off on their kids. Stuff like that. Because of all the exterior standards, they have a mentality that "I'm holier than you, and more right with God than you." The longer you go there, the more you start to believe that those who don't go to PVBC can't possibly grow as a Christian.
    2. Church comes first at PVBC. It comes before family. So you if your gathering is on a Sunday evening (which most gatherings are), you know which one they will choose. Like someone else said, God instituted the family before the church. Besides i'd like to know where in the Bible it says we must go to church 2 times on Sunday? How about God comes first, not the church. Is the church our god?

    My opinion: It's great to have your own clique and circle of like-minded Christians, but how do you teach your Children to be the salt and light of the earth, if they are never exposed to others of varying beliefs? I like the idea of homeschooling, so i'm not saying that. I'm just saying I think our kids need to see that cousins, aunts, uncles, etc may have different rules in their home, but we still all love the Lord, and if they are saved, we will see them in heaven too!

  71. Alright, it is time to post a glimpse of our story. We too were marked after we started seeing that some things just didn't sit right. As many have said earlier you cannot truly see what really is wrong until you are on the outside looking in and then it becomes VERY obvious VERY quickly. We were not church disciplined but were definitely shunned by church & family members. We did our research and went back quite far because we did not want to just believe anything we were told. I really do not feel it would be edifying for me share all the details but if you want to know just pray, keep your eyes open and ask questions. There are many other stories out there just like ours.

    We learned many things while we were there and would not be where we are today had we not have gone there. God had his purpose in having us there for the time and then he had us move on. The greatest thing we have learned since is not to put our faith and trust into any one man whether at pvbc or anywhere else and learn to search things out for ourselves and look to God for our answers. God ordained the family before he ordained the church. He is our sole authority not any one man(as the constitution states - and we studied that constitution - that is where our eyes "began" to open)

    Now, with that said, I do have to say how disapointed I am with the way this whole blog is being handled. There are Christians on here that are evidently not acting like Christians (definition of Christian is little Christs)Are you little Christs as you post? With the language and lashing out at people in anger on here I wonder how many truly are little Christs. I am not judging, only God should do that but I do ask you to examine yourselves and truly pray about it before you post your comments. With thousands of people reading this blog I have to wonder how many are not Christians and who never will be as a result of the attitude of the Christian as seen right here. Let us watch what and how we post

  72. What is "soul-winning"??? Anyone who is involved with sunday school must go soul-winning once each week?

    Apparently the church has a list of people they always go bring bibles to their door and try to preach to them. They have often been at my door. What is up with that?

  73. Anon 1:34, what do you mean when you say "you were marked?"

  74. Maybe some people stay away from others because people "A" do not want to turn out like people "B", or maybe "A" has seen what "B's" kids turned out like(or didn't turn out), and "A" does not want that for their kids, or brothers, or sisters, or parents. Maybe "B" needs to re-evaluate exactly what they want for them and their kiddos. Let's say "A" could stand for "achievers", and "B" could stand for "brats", or "bitter", or "baby-bottlers". c-mon, this is something they teach you at John Maxwell seminars all the time!

  75. What I mean by we were marked was that as soon as I started asking questions I had 3 people in leadership contact me within a day or 2 (how they even knew I was questioning things remains a mystery...or does it??? Another member of the PMS family contacted some friends of ours and shared that we were talking to disgruntled people(that's what this person said they were) and immediately the friendships ended. We were being watched very carefully. I questioned the pastor regards to things in the constitution and he got defensive when I hit a few sore spots. I questioned a deacon and he certainly was standing behind the pastor regardless of right or wrong.

    To Mar.27,3:15
    soul winning is what the constitution says that all in leadership (officers of the church, and officers, teachers and leaders of the Sunday School shall...

    (under necessity or obligation to
    Synonyms have (to), must, ought (to), shall, should, will) faithful in going soul-winning at least once a week.
    Hmmm, I never saw many in leadership go out. (some are NOT being very loyal to their soul authority)
    Soul winning - PVBC definiton
    to knock on a door, share the gospel message with them, hand them a tract, get them to say the sinners prayer and report back to PMS how many souls they brought in...only problem is, how many truly get saved that way? It HAS to be a heart issue not just repeating a prayer. I wonder how many people think they are on their way to heaven, have a false assurance because they said a prayer when they were 3 or 4 years old or when someone knocked on their door and they got them to say a prayer. My own family struggled with this because they said a prayer when they were younger and "thought" they were saved. Very scary as a parent to assume your children are saved. How many youth or young adults went forward at a revival mtg last year and got saved??? Many thought they were saved but merely repeated words to think they were saved.

  76. I went "soulwinning" at PVBC for years, and can never remember Pastor Sullivant participating, except maybe on the occasional bus trip to Winnipeg. Maybe he was too good to go out with all us regular folks, and went out on his own day, I don't know.And I agree, there have probably been thousands of people who have prayed a prayer as a result of this soulwinning, but only a very tiny fraction of them ever came to church or became active Christians.

  77. Anon 12:03, thanks for explaining "marked." So Mike would like everyone's brain to be a clone of his?? That's ridiculous! Then everyone would be ON TOP as well! PEOPLE, ask God for wisdom, and LOOK! Can't you see the dictatorship in this? God is to be our leader and judge, not Mike Sullivant. Jesus came to open up our direct access to God. We don't need an inbetween person like they did in the Old Testament. We are living in New Testament grace! And thank God for that!

  78. I strongly believe that `soul winning` aka visitation aka door to door is not the best method of evangalizing. I have participated in this in two churches I have attended. One was when I was in college. I had a bad feeling about it then as I was starting to develop my own convictions. We would go from door to door and ask people that if they were to die today were they 100% sure they knew where they were going. We got varying answers as you can imagine.My problem is not the intent but rather the execution. How can someone make a LIFE CHANGING decision on the spur of the moment like that. I dont know of anyone that would purchase a house or car or make any other life changing decision that hastily. The other thing is essentially when you are going door to door you are a sales person. You are trying to sell Christ. In small areas like this everyone knows everything about everyone. Yet you represent Christ when you stand at my door. In five minutes you are to convince me that I need Him. Yet I see that you shun family and friends. If that is what your Lord and Saviour commands why do I want that? My other beef with this is that where in the Bible do you see Jesus going door to door. He went to gatherings and ministered to people. He was out and about and ministering to people, but never will you find him knocking on doors and pressure selling his ministry. I am not saying that people cant or havent gotten saved this way. I just feel its not the best way. It was because of Pastor Sullivant that I got saved at the age of three. For this I am thankful. However growing up I never remembered that moment and I struggled with that for years. How did I know if I were saved if I couldnt remember? My parents assured me, when I was 8 to pray about it. If I felt I was not saved and could not remember that time, I could be assured. That night after devotions (Keys for Kids, for those of you that remember them) I prayed and asked Jesus to come into my heart. I made sure that day. But I wasnt pressued. Someone above had said something about have a false assurance because you were saved at a young age. I was a kid like that.

  79. If you must know, leadership and staff go out at least once a week soul winning, the reason you don't see them is because it is on different days. Before you go and make accusations, get the facts.
    The amount of mud slinging is a disgrace to the Christian name. You may not realize it, but you are influencing people you may never meet on here by what you are writing and you, Laura, by what you publish. And the influencing is not necessarily in a good way.

  80. Really... what days would that be? The church keeps everyone so busy that there couldn't be time for that to happen and I KNOW that not all leaders go out soul winning each week. I WAS ONE OF THEM. What was that about facts? Either make sure people are TOTALLY loyal to the constitution or ditch it and have one that people can abide by.

  81. Danselle. Thamk you for sharing your experience and testimony. NOW the rest is for 8:42 . ILL do better than make accusations,Ill state facts. No mud slinging involved. Once again I can tell you how SOUL WINNING takes place at pvbc because I use to head it up together with another pvbc member. All members involved in pvbc where to go soul winning especially those who taught sunday school, deacons,etc. I was involved in this for aprox 7 years. In that time frame I RARELY saw members that held any postion ever come out. See the deacons only do FOLLOW UP visits and then report to PMS. Then PMS decides who to set up a visit with {these people are of his of interest.} This way all the "new guys" do the so called dirty work.{getting told off,door slaming,etc} ,and the deacons choose who to follow up on.Then PMS visits those people who are seiously interested. Even in this department PMS cant face the fire,it would be bad for his image to actually get told off by someone in public or come back to church only to have had doors slammed in his face. NO even you cant fool me with this one,see I was in the ELETE CLASS . I was the one who went with PMS on these SOUL WINNING VISITS.Ya they were all pleasent visits. It sure beat having doors slammed in my face and being told off. You are right with the visits being done on different days though.this was many a peoples choice because this way no one knew where they went soul winning or for how long. I wish you pvbc people would start telling true stories on this blog. I have been around for a long time and have commited myself to correcting any stories that are told in a false manner on this blog. Like I said before some of you will grow to love me and others who are trying to hide stuff will grow to hate me. For me its not a popularity contest its about the truth being told to those that want it. IM NOT LEAVING, IM GIVING YOU A CHANCE TO GET THINGS RIGHT. PMS KNOWS THAT I KNOW ALL THE THINGS HE WANTS NOONE TO FIND OUT ABOUT. Im getting tired of reading about justification for this mans sins. Also of those who continue to faithfully and blindly follow him at all cost. BECAUSE THATS WHAT ITS GOING TO COST YOU 'EVERYTHING'. I almost found that out to late. I wont back down . I will make sure the truth comes out!! PIONEER

  82. This is amazing, if everyone on here is a Christian and will all go to the same heaven and live for eternity with each other in peace and happiness together you sure are awful at showing your fruit. I live in Winkler and dont go to church, sleep in every sunday morning and dont claim to be anything. But i still feel really bad for God that this is the group of Prophets that will bring glory to him. you people fight so much. I thought Christians were suppose to be one body together in christ or something like that. things i read in the bible from time to time dont line up with what I see in people who are Christians in winkler. just my 2 cents

  83. Pioneer when did you get saved and what are you doing for the LORD? How many people have you led to the LORD? Do you think that people can see the LORD shine through you by running down another man? What will you tell the LORD when you meet HIM about your action and the way you bashed a man of GOD?? GOD has Pastor in this church for a reason and we are commanded by the LORD to hold him up in prayer so that he will make the right decisions. Could it be that we are failing in upholding him in prayer? Have you prayed for him as much as you have talked about him? Many of our failures are PRAYER failures.

  84. Anon 12:05
    Please read the link at the top left of this page called Red Flags. This is exactly how PMS is running his church. Do you agree with this type of behavior? PMS used to be a man of God but has since let his pride cloud his judgement. Has it ever dawned on you that God may be using the Pioneer, this blog and other comments on this blog to help humble PMS? I know I do!
    To the Pioneer: I thank you for the TRUTHS. I know who you are, and you know me. The Truth must come out for all to see. There is no doubt God is NOT pleased with what he sees going on at PVBC. There are many good people at this church who need the veil of deception lifted off there faces.
    Yes, it is good to admire, respect and look up to your pastor, but to follow without question can be dangerous. PMS MUST be held responsible for his actions.

  85. 12:05pm,

    That's the most sense anyone from PVBC has made yet. Yes, the reason your Pastor is having difficulties is because you have prayer and misdirected worship practices. Just look at the spirit of those from the church who post here. This shouldn't be a wonder to anyone.

  86. I'm so glad that all the people that have left the PVBC are so much more spiritual then all those that attend there.

  87. People,people....Can you honestly say that it is ok with you if your neighbor does not hear the GREATEST story ever? If I and you dont tell them how will they hear? We have the best story in GODS book the BIBLE and we keep it a secret.Someday we will hang our heads in shame as we stand before the LORD. The only reason the LORD has left us here on this earth is so we can tell others about HIM!!!! Our time is short and we need to be busy for CHRIST! After all He has suffered for me can I not bear some reproach for HIM. I am thankful that He counted me faithful and gave me the oppurtunity to speak a word for HIM!!!!

  88. I believe the senior pastor of the church is extremely important. He is the focus. He is in charge. He provides both key leadership and direction.

    The senior pastor gives the vision for the church, provides all the important teachings for the church, and has the right to unquestioned following of his flock.

    Without the senior pastor the church could not function or even exist. He is the reason for its existence. He is why the flock gathers together on a regular basis.

    The senior pastor must not be challenged in any way in the life of the church. He is where the buck stops. If you don't like this, you need to go elsewhere.

    All Christians must submit to the rule of the senior pastor. He needs no help. He needs no committees. He makes all the decisions for the church.

    If you have any questions about anything, the senior pastor is the person to ask. He is extremely wise and never makes any mistakes. Seek his counsel in all things.

    The purpose of the church is to exalt the senior pastor. This is good and right. All must bow before him.

    The senior pastor loves his church more than we can imagine. He models for us a life of sacrificial love and service. We must follow his example in all things.

    The senior pastor never does anything wrong. He is perfect. He is wonderful. He is majestic. He is divine. He is King of kings and Lord of lords.

    In summary, the senior pastor is the unquestioned best there is.

    The only true, genuine, biblical senior pastor is Jesus Christ.

    I Peter 5:1-4, "So I exhort the elders among you, as a fellow elder and a witness of the sufferings of Christ, as well as a partaker in the glory that is going to be revealed: shepherd the flock of God that is among you, exercising oversight, not under compulsion, but willingly, as God would have you; not for shameful gain, but eagerly; not domineering over those in your charge, but being examples to the flock. And when the chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the unfading crown of glory."

    Taken from Eric Carpenter's Blog

  89. Regards to your views on soul winning

    Sheep make sheep.... shepherds feed sheep!

    Act 20:28 Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.

    next case please

  90. Anonymous March 28, 2011 3:44 PM

    No, I'd like to dwell on this case a little longer. If shepherds feed sheep, why does PMS preach salvation practically every service instead of "feeding the sheep?" If a service is the gathering of sheep, why the need to preach salvation ad nauseum?

  91. "preach salvation ad nauseum?" Shame on you 4:20 pm. You should never be sick of hearing the gospel.

  92. Hebrews 5:12-14 NIV
    In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God's word all over again. You need milk, not solid food (KJV- strong meat)! Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness. But solid food (KJV- strong meat) is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.

  93. please translate the above into KJV please

  94. because people like you who through their actions cleary have probably not yet responded to the Gospel

  95. Thank-you Pioneer for your comment. It is good to hear from someone who was one of the "elite". I don't know who you are, but appreciate someone who has experienced situations "first hand". God bless.

  96. RE 12;05 #1 was saved when I when I was young , the year would give a way my identity. Besides thats between me and God. #2 I have led many to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Again something between me and God. P.S Numbers dont mean anything,Even the good that I have done is as fithy rags,so why should I brag? Then as for people seeing the Lord shine through me. Yes I do think people see the Lord shine through me because I HAVE THE BALLS TO STAND UP FOR WHATS RIGHT AND COULD CARE LESS ABOUT OFFENDING ANYONE!!! Do you think for a minute that Christ cared if he offended someone when he spoke the truth. The only ones who get offfended are those who have something to hide. I believe God is looking for WARRIORS NOT PANSIES, Anyone can walk all over a pansy but you better be ready for a battle when you attack a warrior of God!!! For way to long Have I let people walk over me. Then I realized who I truely am in Christ , and the Power of the Holy Spirit that he gave me. Then each day I put on the full armour of God and am ready ALWAYS to give an answer for what I believe and for what God has instilled in me. Im not afraid of PMS or do I appoligize for what I say in regards to him; because I know its the truth and I KNOW IM HOLY SPIRIT LED TO DO SO. Im also not afraid to anwswer to God for what Im doing because Im Holy Spirit led, so I know that its God who is Telling me to stand for those who cant stand, speak for those how cant speak, speak truth for those who dont know the truth. You see if you for a minute thought that Im a nice guy….. Your WRONG. Im not concerned about be nice, Im concerned about the work of God and standing up for whats right . There are way too many innocient people being hurt by this man and I will be here from God to buffet this man until he gets right with God. PMS at this time thinks that he is accountable to no one. The thing that he's fogetting is that I was there when all this started And PMS knows that God has given me the proof I need. PMS HOW LONG WILL YOU CONTINUE TO kick against the pricks and fight God off? Your running out of time quickly. If you really want to challenge the PIONEER , You really better KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT. Then count the cost of what your doing if by any chance you may just be WRONG!!

  97. King James's grammar is not the English we speak today and is harder to understand but here it is:
    Hebrews 5:12-14 KJV
    For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat. For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe. But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

    Take a minute to compare the two passages, NIV with KJV. Wouldn't you much rather understand God when He speaks through today's spoken English than the grammar spoken three centuries ago?

  98. I think this Pioneer fellow might be on to something. Being an outsider and never giving over my soul to the PVBC....this has been an interesting read.

    Everyone became a member of Christ when you accepted Jesus in your heart. There is no church or pastor that can pluck you out of God's hand.

    Yes they can hurt you, but they can't take away what God has given you which is eternal life.

    Everyone single one of us is saved by Grace... EVERYONE OF US! How soon some have forgotten where they came from.

    People only become righteous through Jesus Christ and those who think they are...are not...

    Yes you are suppose to stay away from people who MAKE YOU DO WRONG THINGS.....THIS IS WHERE YOU DON'T HAVE THE STRENGTH OR THE AUTHORITY IN YOUR LIFE YET! Not just because someone is doing something wrong and because you think you are so righteous that you can't be in their presence.....THINK ABOUT IT!

    We are suppose to aim to be like Jesus..although there isn't anyone I have met that could fill his shoes. He came for the lost to save them....not to run them down, shun them because he thought he was better than they were.

    Where are your hearts people? Where have you gone?

    How God must cry for the lost in this world.

    People....we are suppose to strive to be like Christ.

    Seriously, if Sullivant told you that you were going to go to heaven today...if you all drank this kool-aid would you?????

    That is a question you really need to think about?

    The bible talks about wolves in sheeps clothing. Why are you so willing to stand behind someone who obviously....has carried out his authority in the wrong way?

    Look at your own hearts. If the world was to end today....would you be going to heaven?

    All you door knockers out there....seriously look at where you are?

    I don't think MIke Sullivant is the only one to blame here. All you followers wake up and look into yourselves. Ask yourselves the questions that you ask everyone when your knocking on doors...and be real. Don't put on this phony righteousness....because honestly, if you think you are...then your not....

    That is your number one clue that you are not right in your own hearts.

  99. AMEN! Judge Judy, Yes, lets park there awhile. It's true! How many times does already saved people need to hear the gospel?

    A big reason I left was because I wasn't being fed properly. I mean, cmon, how many times does the guy have to preach on how to run a ministry, or re-iterate that he has all authority and can "veto any or all decisions made". How do I apply THAT to my christian walk???

    Serously, is that really going to help me live a godly life for Christ???

  100. PLEASE not another Bible version debate!!! you all know by now that KJV only will not change their minds and neither will you. If you can't think of something more meaningful to post, don't post anything at all... we've been through this way too many times. You sound like a couple of immature kids arguing! just agree to disagree and move on... PLEASE!!

  101. Yep, I'm just drinking the Kool-Aid

  102. "Take a minute to compare the two passages, NIV with KJV. Wouldn't you much rather understand God when He speaks through today's spoken English than the grammar spoken three centuries ago?
    March 28, 2011 6:55 PM"


  103. Do People really believe that the People Attending the PVBC are that Ignorant.

    It may very well be that the people that are so bitter at Mike Sullivant are the only ones that blindly followed him. That's why they are so bitter, they believed that he was more then just a man. Now that they have realized their own ignorance (that of worshiping a man) they choose to blame the man. Will we ever take responsibility for our own stupidity. I have listened to Mike Sullivant preach for 20+ years in one way or another and have never found his doctrine to be wrong when comparing it to Scripture.

    Maybe It's time that we as "Christians" take responsibility for our own shortcomings. Deal with the fact that we ALL make mistakes.

    There are many that claim to be doing God a service in going after this Man of God, but I am reminded of David And King Saul. How that David would not even raise his hand against Saul. (Please read this account)

    Do any of the Mike Sullivant accusers have enough true faith that if God wanted to, He would replace him. And if Mike Sullivant is Gods will For the PVBC as their Pastor than will you have enough Faith to accept it.

    The Fact that so many hurtful thing are said makes it very clear that not many of Mike Sullivan's accusers will ever be able to get over the the fact that they were wrong. By this many will allow bitterness to eat them up from thee inside out until it destroys them.

    I pray that all involved would find it more important to please God and truly love one another.

  104. you can tell how much soul winning the leadership does when you take a look at the parades pvbc participates in each summer. The only time I've ever seen a deacon at the parade is waving at all the people actually helping the church.
    Soul winning at pvbc consists of college students and the odd pvbc member. No teachers, no staff, no pastors, no deacons.

  105. To 8:13, Simmer down, my child. God's Word, the Holy Bible, is always meaningful. Try it. The varying versions are beside the point.

  106. to Saved by Grace
    I have never been a member at PVBC, nor have I ever done any blind following of MS. I have heard too many first hand accounts of what this man has done to ever even consider believing anything he says. This goes back as far as 1996. If that was not enough to leave an uneasy feeling about him for us, he proved himself to be untrustworthy when we asked him for help. All we wanted was for him to set up a meeting with some family of ours that attended the PVBC so we could talk with everyone in one room. We thought this would be the best way for us to work out our differences and bring the family closer again. We even told him he was welcome to sit in on this meeting. When this meeting never materialized, and the family members were even angrier with us, we tried to find out what happened. We were finally told by family that my husband had told Mike to "take care of these family members, or we would". He basically told them that my husband threatened him. Now we had to convince our family that nothing of the sort had been said in the phone conversation. This was not an easy thing to do. My husband called Mike again to confront him about theses lies. He kind of danced around the question at first, and then laughed it off as if it had been a big joke. We did not find any of this funny. Our family was hurting, and we were trying to repair it. We thought that involving a pastor would help, but we were so mistaken, and Mike proved to us he was exactly what we had heard about from others over the years.

    You have obviously never heard your pastor lie, break confidence of parishioners, or yell at people. I suggest you not just brush off all of these people who have had bad experiences with MS. There is a lot of truth out there. Do you really think that all of these hurting people out there are lying and Mike Sullivant has no blame here? I'm sorry, but that just does not add up!

  107. I posted earlier about PVBC's definiton of soul winning and just wanted to clarify that I DO think it is VERY important to go soul winning and as often as we can (for the one who thought I didn't think it was important). My point was not mocking the fact, I was merely saying that the constitution states one thing and PVBC'rs do another thing.
    I do not agree with the way it is done at MANY Baptist churches. If you are going to share the gospel make SURE they are understanding and NEVER pressure a descision and give a false assurance of their salvation. I think gospel tracts are great and use them all the time but I let God lead and pray for the person that God would do a work in the individual.
    Just thought I'd clarify

  108. "Wall flower said...
    AMEN! Judge Judy, Yes, lets park there awhile. It's true! How many times does already saved people need to hear the gospel?"

    What happens when judge so and so has unsaved relatives/friends go to church but everybody is tired of all the same old "Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so", and they simply can't stand the fact that God loves 'em, Christ died for them, there is a Heaven to gain and a Hell to shun? Well, too bad for that lost soul. Maybe in your socialist communal gathering but not where we come from. Something about Matt. 28:19,20!

    Oh yea, if that is all you hear when you come to church than maybe God is trying to tell you something- seriously. You get one crack at this thing called life this side of eternity... without warning your number comes up and your gone. Are you ready to meet your Creator? Really?

  109. WALL FLOWER : I think its wonderful to hear the gospel of the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ preached. Please though dont make it sound as though this is only done at pvbc. Nor think that you've arrived to some more Spiritual level than whom your talking to. God has a message for everyone. I believe the person whom your dealing with would just like to see things spiced up a bit. If we all ate scrambled eggs for breakfast every morning , we would get sick of them quickly. People need vatiety. When someone can almost predict a schedule to every last detail for every service,it might be time to make some changes or you will lose peoples iterest, focus,or consentration to the point that they take things for granted. I used to preach at pvbc and cbbc and many other baptist churches and I also listened to many other preaches that spoke including PMS. The thing that supprised me is how many of the sermons I heard I also read in my study books or other reading matterial. There was no originality. I believe this happens when an individual stops hearing from God, follows their own rabbit trails,or planly isnt called to that specific area of ministry. Some of you have become so consomed with church that you have forgotten how to enjoy life. Your lifestyle doesnt even show that your a happy Christian, and thats a ministry you take with you wherever you go. HONESTLY watch yourself and other pvbcers you look like the most miserable,defeated, washeded-up people on the planet. If you have some thing GREAT than show it, be excited, look cheerful.Trust me others will want what you have. The problem is I know something, I remember now , I was there too. That just wouldnt be MODEST OR SHOWING HUMILITY. I will say it how I see it, the way most of you women dress is sickning. Why is it that the men can dress as they please, but you women wear these awful looking dresses that make you look older than you are or heavier than you are, or just plan like a wiped-out -baby-making-factory. Doesnt the Bible talk about us being the holy temple of God? I have no problem if you choose to wear a dress thats your conviction but at least try to look like you care about yourself. There is nothing humble or modest about it. I also fullly understand if its not in your budget to have the best of everything than its hard to do so, but how can the men always have nice clothes? My wife is my QUEEN and I love to see her dress herself up. It shows me she has confidence,intelligence,respect, and most of all she's happy and shows it,so if someone sees her they want what she has. She's approcable which then opens up an opportunity of communication ,even the gospel of Jesus Christ. Trust me a sinners chance to get saved doesnt only happen at church it should be happening in our everyday affairs. Im not bashing ANY baptist women, All im saying is that when we attended pvbc It drove me crazy to see that my wife was suppose to dress like a slob in the horrible clothes, there is nothing wrong with looking attractive. It shows respect as well. The answer. BAPTIST ANSWER that is. It shows subjection of the wife to the husband.MY ANSWER. PIONEER STYLE. It totally degrades and shows disrespect to the wife and women making them believe they are a lower class of people and dont have the same rights as their husbands or the men of the church. PLEASE dont even try to tell me the woman actually choose to do this because it pleases the Lord. Theirs no way to Bibically justify this sickning act. Like I always say You will either love me or hate me PIONEER. Besides a non Christian will likely not want to enter into the church world so why not reach them in their world. If today was there last day, they wont be able to make it to church on Wednsday let alone Sunday. THE VERSE SAYS NOT TO BE APART OF 'the world'. IT DOESNT SAY TO STAY AWAY AND SHUN THE WORLD. HOW ELSE DO YOU REACH THE WORLD?

  110. anon 11:44, even me, a non-believer, got wall flowers intent. Wallflower, correct me if I'm wrong, I'll try to clarify your statement. when we were in grade 1 we learned our numbers, then the alphabet,grade 2 to read then to spell, then grade 3 to add and subtract,grade 4 division, multiplication, grade 5 history, science etc. Where would we all be if we had just stuck with grade 1?

  111. So the issue is....teaching too far on modest clothes on women, having too many babies, kjv bible is too hard to understand, soul winning is fruitless, the constitution (which is similar is most baptist churches) is baiting all members, don't respect Pastors, receive an accusation against an elder without witnessess or it being PROPERLY established, and who cares with who you associate with...and most of all, don't take a stand against children that want to live immorally, and once you disagree with a church and pastor form a coalition against it in general because their every reason for existing can't be tolerated if you don't tolerate it. And did I mention that all people that leave PVBC never had blatant sin in their lives and didnt want to admit it. They all let only the WHOLE truth, unlike PVBC members.

    OK, we all get it really loud and clear WHAT THIS TRULY IS ABOUT.

    For those of ou reading this blog...what goes on on here is nothing of a reflection of what goes on at PVBC. Don't let a few people who have a fraction of an excuse to tell get you all concerned, not to mention that they keep saying, When HUNDREDS all think the same thing. You can't believe that these posts are all different people, its the same old posters over and over, also someone pretended to be me on here, and also posted a complete lie about my family on here so I am sure most of these are more lies...

  112. Pioneer, you are so lame.

  113. saved by grace,
    yes, God wants to replace pms. Is it so hard to believe that He's using us to do that? As for David not raising his hand against Saul, look at the rest of Davids life, how God used him to kill many, and I mean many, many people. So many, in fact that He wouldn't allow David to build Him a temple. I don't quite understand how God can justify that, (sending a man to murder for Him, which was considered doing His will, righteous murder, and not allow him the honor of building a holy temple, because of what He had sent him to do!?!) My point is this, in scripture God used men to bring His point across in terribly drastic ways, but here, where most of us I assume are Christians you won't even hear our cry's let alone try to understand? Learn from scripture and pray that God doesn't send David your way. Read up on it, if you add up the amount of people God killed in the Bible (only the ones where He states an exact number) it comes out to 2,476,633. If you add to that number the estimates in places like the flood or Sodom and Gomorrah, or the first-born Egyptians, that number rises to the 25,000,000 mark. My hope is that He strikes again, not in Japan, New Orleans, or Afghanistan, but right here in Winkler Mb. I know I'm not doing enough to evade that day, and deserve that fate also, but if giving up my life and the lives of ALL the people in surrounding areas will save a few from meeting pms, then God as my witness, let His will be done.

  114. Dear Pioneer,

    I have been reading your posts on this blog, and you have caught my attention. I have been in contact with ex members who have shared there stories with me. If it would be possible I'd like to meet with you as well. I'm sure Laura knows who you are right? I know how to contact Laura, so would it be okay if she gave me your contact info? If you'd like we do it by email or in person. Please let me know by responding with a post addressed to "Summer's Coming". Thanks.

  115. You are Bang-on, anon7:26am.

    And no I don't pretend to act as though I've "arrived". But when all a person gets is Submission to Authority beat into their heads in Sunday School for an hour and then again in the service mixed with a little salvation. It's no wonder people are so spiritually anemic. But, if all you PMSers like Milk and junk food three times a week. Have at 'er!

    It's no surprise to me that so many of you are obese.

  116. The grounds people claim to have to dedicate themselves to bringing Pastor Sullivant down, or even if it would be any Pastor, is poor and immature. I am to the point where if everything you said against PVBC were true, you are still GRAVELY WRONG in your attitude and wisdom in handling it. You have every rite to take all your DEFINATE PROOF to be heard by the deacons at PVBC. Somehow all avoid that with the cowardly excuse that they are scared. BAH...I wonder if you would really have a legitimate proof in hand besides your opinion. Properly let a group of deacons hear your accusation. Hmmm That might be BIBLICAL. If it's Baptist doctrine, well, Baptist is a legitimate religion so watch the hate crimes. If its simply the Pastor and/or leadership...this is personal ground and you better march over there and let a group hear the accusations. Working off your rantings is not solving a thing. POsting your stories is foolish. God is not mocked. Before you post on here I hope you get your Biblical agenda straight. IF any of you have something to show for your side they would truly hear it. Plus have you prayed for laura and your "enemy" today?
    AS well, the Lord will not be too angry with me for being a dedicated church member, loving, and serving until BIBLICALLY God shows me another better way, and directs to move on. If my Pastor were in the wrong in something, this is NOT SPIRITUAL what is going on here.
    I am against this. I wouldn't do it to another church in town no matter how I feel about their leadership or people.

  117. God wants to replace PMS.. I wonder who got this divine revelation straight from the LORD?
    Very assuming. Very neglecting. Very very amazing what God tells people these days!
    I am simply marveling at the statement.
    If I collect 10, 20, even 50 people that think that of your pastor can I go ahead with similar action?

  118. Wall flower, sounds like you have an issue with submission

  119. ANON 1:02, do you see controversy like this in any other church in Winkler or surrounding area? No, I didn't think so. I have not heard or seen anything like PVBC and Mike Sullivant. It is more than just being a different church in town, there is quite the mix of churches in Winkler. PVBC has been controversial since it's early days, and you can see for yourself how many people have passed through those doors. Take a serious look at how many people no longer attend, and ask yourself why that might be, they can't all be wrong.

  120. Psa 75:6 For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south.
    Psa 75:7 But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.

    But demotion, now that comes from bitter people anonymously gathering in large masses on the web, hiding behind their own presumptuous little hurt feelings trying to salve their stinky consciences. Bunch of smurfs.

  121. There may be some on here who attack PVBC because they don't like the gospel or doctrine preached there and that is wrong. But most people who are angry and want to see changes are those who are angry for reasons COMPLETELY unrelated to the gospel or winning souls. Like myself. It's the miscommunication, private meetings, shunning within the church, ridiculous standards and being regulated to the point you can't pee without permission. I remember walking into the church kitchen and those who were in it got really quiet, then one of them told me that unless I was scheduled to volunteer or had permission to stand in the kitchen I needed to leave. Yes, the kitchen is small but when oh when will they start being more sensitive to the person than the STANDARD? This is one example of many I could give. It may seem like nothing to all you heartless PVBC'ers, but tell that to someone who was going through something difficult and just wanted to commune and be around other women believers. Of course, like everything else you'll find fault and find a way to blame me for this as well. Can't wait to see the rebuke and verse attached.

  122. Nope! no issues at all. I have no problem submitting to authority. But, I don't need to hear about it twice every Sunday and again on Wednesdays.

    And, I'm not the only one who'll tell you that.

  123. Re: 10:04 "summers coming" Due to the fact that we dont know each other I prefer that you contact Laura and let her know who you are , then I will be in contact with Laura and decide what to do from there.

  124. rosey posey puddin popMarch 29, 2011 at 7:52 PM

    Atention Summers coming

    things are not rosey on your end, there are far too many thorns pricking you and not enough thrones picking you up. It is true, life gets harder all the time, but no body said it would be fair.

  125. I do not say this with a proudful spirit, but there was a time when even the Apostle Paul was all alone and people forsook him and the preaching of the Gospel. Notice what he said about it:
    2 Timothy 4:14-17
    14 Alexander the coppersmith did me much evil: the Lord reward him according to his works:
    15 Of whom be thou ware also; for he hath greatly withstood our words.
    16 At my first answer no man stood with me, but all men forsook me: I pray God that it may not be laid to their charge.
    17 Notwithstanding the Lord stood with me, and strengthened me; that by me the preaching might be fully known, and that all the Gentiles might hear: and I was delivered out of the mouth of the lion.
    I guess that would mean that since Paul was all alone, he was wrong? If that's the case, we should throw out half of the NT since a wrong man wrote it. On the one hand, everyone says that the high attendance numbers at PVBC don't mean anything, BUT on the other hand, a bunch of anonymous blog posts constitute proof that a preacher is an evil tool of the devil?
    I am not Pastor Sullivant, BUT, I pray that all of you who are attacking him will not have to answer for what you have said on here and behind his back. The Bible is clear that we will give an answer...

  126. I'm confused! How can one person only hear messages on Salvation three times a week and yet another individual only hears messages on submission to authority three times a week???

    A glimpse of the variety of topics that are really preached at PVBC can be found at

    If you are one of those who only ever hears one thing being preached perhaps you should reconsider what might just be Holy Spirit conviction

  127. Is Laura the final authority now? I mean she is soooo credible, You say her father is a dictator yet she decides what gets posted, sounds like she is the one trying to control things. I could say anything I wanted to online, but that would not make it right. Obviously she does not really wan't to be reconciled due to the fact that the blog is still running, just like 12yrs ago she wanted to be in charge, she is still manipulating people and playing the victim card to get people on her side. Laura is obviously content with slinging and letting others sling their baseless accusations and one sided stories
    against those she say's she loves, Some kind of love.

  128. Laura never has been the final authority on this blog, she has posted blogs infovour of her and against her. The point of this blog was to tell her story and hope that she might help others going through like manner situations. Its her blog so she should have contol of it. You dont like it then stay off Im sure most of us wont mind. Stopping the blog wouldn't resolve or reconcile the situation. This is a situation that has been going on for years. Im going to share yet another story for you. This morning I talked to a Pastor friend who I used to work together with. Together we have preached,taught, church planted, etc. This man too knows PMS and this situation ,we breifly discussed when, how and why this ever started. We noted the problem isnt the church its the man in charge. It was mentioned how PMS was talked too about dealing with this problem aprox 12-15 years ago but PMS refused to acknowledge the problem{pride had already set in at that time} The problem with sin in someones life is that if you dont take care of it , it takes care of you!! Through my studies and research I found that many pastors have approached PMS about dealing with these SIN AREAS, but all to no avail. Many pastors that have worked side by side with PMS have told me they have never met such a proud,un-approachable,arrigant man. My question is , if PMS isnt guilty of these SIN AREAS why is it that even former pastor friends of PMS have approached PMS about these problems only to be told off, lied to, and cut off of communication with him and the pvbc? How can these pastors all be MEN OF GOD, until they approach PMS? I think PMS has a problem with accountability, there's no one for him to answer too. Thats the convienant thing about being an IFBC. Now 15years later people are asking questions, they want answers. Well people I did my reasearch, I have the answers. answer PMS doesnt want anyone to know about. The thing is the balls in your court. You can choose to blindly follow this man ,or do your research and make sure you know the truth. I have talked to , questioned and been involved with many of these people who are still serving the Lord faithfully and have found that they arent experiencing the same TROUBLE as PMS. The interesting thing is that when I ask them if they would ever work together with PMS again , I get the same answer from all of these pastor THE ANSWER IS NO. They too all feel that he has SIN AREAS that he needs to clean up in his life, Wow I could give you all the proof needed and some would still choose to follow this man. Thats my point who are you following after man or God. PMS uses one lie to hide behind another lie. The credibility of PMS is running on thin ice. How many more people are going to go through the burner? LOVE ME OR HATE ME THE STORIES WILL KEEP ON COMING…... PIONEER.

  129. Pioneer, it sounds like you have been a busy bee, or rather, a busy body. Yours days and perhaps the last how ever many years have been filled with you running here and there, talking to this and that person, spreading gossip. And yes, it is gossip." A person who habitually spreads intimate or private rumors or facts." Sounds like you. Get a life.

  130. So Pete Reimer oops, PIONEER

    so you talked to the other pastors that tried to split the PVBC so many years ago, that no surprise that they would never work with him. one thing you fail to mention is that you made accusation and when the proof was laid out for you to see, you refused to look at it. So how many pastors did you actually talk to? what are their names? how many did you contact that like Mike Sullivant?

    Do you remember the time you yelled at all of us teens because some of the Church staffs sons took their hunter safety exams on a youth night and missed the youth activity.

    sounds like your guilty of the very thing you accuse Mike Sullivant of.

    and sense your in the know: I think you should know all about what I think of a youth leader that is so full of himself that he has to yell at the teens he's supposed to be ministering to.

    You were a lier and conman before you went to the PVBC and it looks like you are just the same as you were then.

  131. March 30/ 4:56 am WOW did I read that right 4:56 am . And I need to get a life . Who is up at 4:56 am to comment on the blog? Obviously I have your attention. You do have it right, Im very busy doing my homework like I have been for the past 15 years. Gossip is such a strong word, and as for rumors,well I very much doubt that . Especially when Im being told the same story over and over except by totally different people. Besides if there's nothing to hide and all Im doing is spreading lies , why are you so worried? Oh by now even you should know who I am . Ive been leaving strong enough hints for the longest time. Help me understand something, its ok for you to tear people apart and ruin their lives , but we should all just be defeated christians and take your preverse thoughts and actions against us. Let me think about that one. NA not this guy.I sat back and took in all this garbage for many a year. I have a life and it involves unmasking wolves in sheeps clothing and that exactly what Im going to do. It must sure suck knowing that I have all the truth and Im releasing more and more revelation into this situation all the time. Well Mike what you going to do get right or have me continue with the stories. You and me both know that I haven't even begun with THE REAL STUFF YET. Trust me I really wish I didnt have to do this but I cant see Gods people getting caught in your sins any longer. You choose either get right or hang on!!! REMEMBER THIS IS ALL DONE IN LOVE! PIONEER

  132. Laura post my comment. or did i hit to close to home?

  133. Pioneer, for your information, the time posted on the published comments is not the time they were submitted. Just thought you should know. And who said anything about being worried. Its more like disgusted. Another thing I noticed is how you seem to thrill at "releasing more and more revelation into this situation all the time". You truly are a gossip junkie. Are you and Laura playing tag with what you are going to "reveal"? And what is "your preverse (I think you spelled that wrong) thoughts and actions against us" suppose to mean?

  134. Hear, hear, PioneerMarch 30, 2011 at 5:06 PM

    Anonymous March 30, 2011 11:02 AM
    Do you have kids? Let's pretend you do. If a pedophile moved into your neighborhood, and all your neighbors kept calling you and telling stories about him, would you be thankful for the information, or tell your neighbors you're sick of hearing all their gossip? (and yes, it's an analogy, I'm not accusing PMS of pedophilia)

    Pioneer, I think we're all ready for full disclosure. How/when are you planning on revealing what you know? Will you write a story for The Bridge is Out?

  135. looks like some of you are finally doing some homework. Three golden stars awarded to WAGON BURNER' Also known as Henry and Nancy Suderman.. Your the first ones with balls enough to post my identity. PIONEER PETE REIMER. I was beginning to wonder if Id have too spell it out for you. Laura will post your comment soon, by the way I love your input on something you know nothing about seeing how you werent even involved in any of this when it happened because you where still an old colony boy at that time. My advice which I strongly recomend to you is, your better off staying out of some thing you know little about. Im not the man most of you remember. Trust me I LOVE to dance. Mikey loves puppets like you who do his dirty work for him. That way he doesnt have to face the music. He doesnt have the balls to meet with me alone face to face he has always needed his deacons to hide behind. Now that we all know who I am , we can put some junk too rest. You people still dont think I have anything on mikey think again I worked with and beside him for many years. We went to cbbc together,preached together you could almost say we spent nearly everyday together for almost 7 years. Being a youth leader for aprox 2 years and a youth pastor for aprox 3 years, I had the blessed honour of being what some of you would call an inside man. Its amazing the things I learned from this guy. See me and the sullivant family go way back pretty much to the time when they first came to winkler. Mikey you and your so called blind, loyal followers can do , say, and act on anything you so please but this time Im not giving up . I have spent the last 15 years in research , note I was already seeing things when I was a paid staff employee. For my last two years I knew what you where doing and it made me sick to continue , but I stuck around to get what I needed. When I resigned from my position you knew that I already knew too much so you had to church discipline me so that no one would listen to the things I knew. The only thing is its hard to discipline someone whos no longer in your cult. I think its time for me to talk for those who cant and its amazing how so many want to hear what I know especially the media.

  136. soundslike maybe the pioneer was sent a false email about the wagon burner looks like its the Pastors boy. Thats ok I LOVE YOU ANYWAY.


    So it's okay to ream out Pioneer for his yelling but it's not okay for your 'father' to be admonished for his many inappropriate actions?

    According to Pioneer, it's been a long time. Any chance he's changed?

  138. I'm not Henry,

    keep trying Pete.

    so far your 0 for 2

  139. Wagon burner the only ones that come to my mind that took the hunter safety course and are staff sons would be David Rempel, Alan brooks jr, and the sullivant boys. Alan and me still good friends so cant be him. Doesnt sound like Dave Rempel , so which brave sullivant boy are you? I honestly cant recall the situation but im glad you brought this to my attention . So thanks for having the guts to tell me and for that being said Ill do my job and say SORRY. If I honestly did that I shouldnt have, but you need to keep one thing in mind that is how I was taught to handle such situations. I honestly cant recall ever yelling at any of the youth. Im a little suprised that a church staff members son would be allowed to miss a church function for such a reason. If this has bothered you why are you only coming out with it now? This is something we should have taken care of long ago. By the way this has nothing to do with what I accuse Mike of. You are very right I was a lier and a conman before I came to pvbc, but let meremind you I confessed my sins to Both God and Man. I already got right with God and man before I ever got involved with pvbc. Im forgiven and free in Christ He has washed me clean. Sounds like something some of you may want to try. PIONEER

  140. Wow, Pete, I am truly sad for you. By the way you write you are one miserable, bitter man.

  141. If you read my post I said that you yelled at all of US teens not at the staff boys.

    It's to bad that you have now reverted back to what you were before you were forgiven. I had respect for you as a teen but how can I now respect someone that has made it there mission in life to destroy people not build them up.

  142. I want to let people at pembina know that the roots of pembina are felt in other communities throughout the world. To the detriment of Christ cause, pastors are being trained to be just like Michael Sullivant. They don't question his authority and preach the following message from the pulpit "Whenever MS said something I just did it I didn't have to pray about it". These men are being trained to be yes men and are trying to train others to do likewise. They use psychology from the pulpit to preframe people to believe they should be followed without being Bereans. It all sounds great from the pulpit follow Christ as I follow Christ but when you choose to follow Christ over man watch out, the shunning. Pembina is an old boys club and if you’re not a yes man you’re shunned. You don't even have to question something regarding doctrine it can be something that is not doctrinal, you can even have scripture to back up what you’re saying. We are hurting Christians being affected by Permian’s influence.

    Jeremiah 23:1 Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the LORD. 2Therefore thus saith the LORD God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the LORD.

    Laura I'm deeply saddened about your situation and your shunning experience. I can’t imagine how someone can do that to their own daughter even if you were in rebellion. Its pride and MS realizing he could no longer be pastor of the church if his daughter did not follow the letter of the law exactly as he wanted. He was willing to sacrifice his own daughter to keep his reputation. Shame on you Michael Sullivant be sure your sin will find you out and it’s coming out and will continue to come out of the woodwork.

    Laura we were told that someone from the church corrupted you and your father was blameless. What heresy and it goes far beyond pembina that story is being told by students who setup satellite pembina’s throughout the country. Shame on you Michael Sullivant, Shame on you Michale Sullivant Jr and all the Yes Men.

  143. That's funny WAGON BURNER, I'd like to ask your father the same question. Especially, since he has done HIS best to smear the names of good people. It must be bad whatever skeletons PMS is hiding in his closet that causes him to jump on the defensive when asked simple Yes or No questions.

    So, if the Pioneer has "reverted" to whatever he was before he was forgiven, then what, I wonder, is your fathers excuse?

    By the way, only the Devil reminds people of their FORGIVEN past sins and keeps throwing it in their face.

  144. Pete. Lets have all the cards on the table. You say that was your life before,but before what??? The last time i talked to a good friend of mine he said as you drove by NEVER to trust YOU!!! He told me of a lot of bussiness that you oue thousands of dollars and then just claim bankrupt and never pay these people. Doesnt sound to me like things have changed. As for your wife being your queen, why then have you kicked her out a number of time with your little kids?? My my I SURE WOULDNT want to live in your castle.You still dont take any responsiblity for your sinful ways. Sounds to me you have reverted back to the old Pete!!!!

  145. WAGON BURNER ; It sounds to me like you have a bitter problem, quite honestly it really matters less who you are but , you diffently took on an attitude sounds like you grew up with some spunk in you; I like that. You seem to have trouble with forgiveness though; be careful with that one before you know it , it comes back to bite you. See there's a big difference between me and mikey . When I do something wrong Im accountable for it , and I admit it and do the best I can to ask for forgiveness and rectify the situation. Mikey has apparently never done any thing wrong? Out of all the years Ive known him [aprox 29 years} I have never heard him say two things #1 I WAS WRONG #2 IM SORRY. I know your trying to look like a hero to mikey and hopeful receive a medal of LOYALTY from him, however trust me you dont know the situation and you were to young at the time to even know what was taking place. I suggest before you go into battle investigate just what your being LOYAL to. Then once again my mission isn't to destroy people its to to REVEAL WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING, I have no problem with the chursh people of pvbc, but I do have serious Problems with its leadership . Everything revolves around its leadership!!!

  146. I was told my husband's and my name was mentioned here. First of all I'd like to clarify that we are not "wagon burner" and that if I were to post something on here I'd use a better name than offense intended to whoever wagon burner really is. So since you are all up for mentioning our names on here without actual facts how about you tell me your name as well? Or are you too afraid to come out with your name? Oh wait that's obvious that your afraid. You are more than welcome to call me and tell me who you are! I'm sure you can get my number through the church. If not than keep your lies to yourself and get your facts straight before you comment on here and use people's names and accusing them!

    Nancy Suderman.

  147. Oh and I'd like to add one more thing... I have no clue who Pete Riemer is!! I've only been a member of the PVBC since 2002. So whoever this Pete Riemer person is, he was there way before I even became a member, and sounds like he left before I even became a member. So if Pioneer really is this Pete Reimer person, I can assure you sir I didn't oust your name as I have no idea who you are.
    Nancy Suderman.

  148. Pioneer/Pete said, "my mission isn't to destroy people its to to REVEAL WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING"

    How many sheep does the wolf have to get before you stop him?

  149. Than perhaps you should make sure you got wolves..not innocent people!

  150. In response to the question on PVBC bill-board, "Is there enough evidence to prove you're a Christian?", the answer is in the Bible: "...Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved... ." (Acts 16:31)

  151. atten 9;58 You know whats sad with you loyal pmsers you will put on any garbage that you can think of to try and break me down. Buddy your forgetting one thing IM NOT BAPTIST. I will let out the truth no matter what. Sounds like you have friends who need to do their homework Publically accusing someone without proof, in a way that could damage their bussiness/livelyhood is a serious offence. And according to my lawyer one making such risky statements could be charged {proof or no proof}. Maybe you should have thought about that before you acted on your emotions and forgot to use your brain. #2 I have never kicked my wife out with or without my little kids. #3 my personal life is none of your business and if you actually had the balls to face me with this you could get the truth straight from me rather than listening to every web of lies you get tangled into. finally I dont get offended easy so keep cherping, I fully understand why pms and all you brainwashed people want to attack me because Im your biggest threat. MAN IT MUST SUCK TO KNOW THAT IM LETTING OUT MORE AND MORE EVERYDAY. People are calling me nonstop for my story because they know that I know all the truth. Go ahead drag my name through the mud, I could care less. See I know one thing you dont GOD LOVES ME FOR WHO I AM {NO MATTER HOW GOOD OR BAD I MAY BE} and NOONE will ever take that away from me. Ill be the first to admit Im not proud of many of my choices in the past and I would change many things if I could However GOD has some words that he would like for me to share with all of you. LET HIM WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE. Buddy If God was to display all of our lives on a large screen for everyone to see, we would all be ashamed. One thing I would like to do while im on here is say sorry to the SUDERMANS FOR POSTING THEIR NAMES , see somone thought it would be a funny joke to send me an email saying that WAGON BURNER was the Sudermans, my mistake , I guess when you let out valueable information people will try anything to shut you up. To me any many other this just goes to show that PMS has something to hide and it burns him up that I can end his and {others} career in the ministry with just one call…. To end this all I have one last thing to say . Say what you want about me but mess with my family BAD CHOICE. Have the balls to tell me that to my face coward!! Drag me through the gates of hell but I wont back down. REMEMBER PMS YOU ALREADY DID THAT TO ME IN 1999. I hope you like wearing stripes


    I am in disbelief over how you conduct yourself with Teens and young people! You say you spent two years time spying instead of being diligent studying to lead the teens from this church! You could have used your position far more effectively and wisely and done good for the cause of Christ. Instead , what time you should have been using your resources to build up many, you sought to equip yourself to bring down one.
    2Ti 4:5 But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.

    2Ti 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

    Your conduct does not sound like one who is attempting to be all that you can for Christ. No wonder so many young people turn out with little to no ambition to serve. There are a lot of people with holes in their lives, either socially or spiritually because of you.

    Jam 3:1 My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation.

  153. Pioneer...sad, sad, little man.

  154. Try having your 7 year old daughter told she should go find someone else to play with cuz the Pastors daughter should be playing with the deacons children. In essence she was informed by one of the Pastors many watch dogs (female) that she was not good enough to play with someone as special as the Pastors youngest daughter...
    That with all the other select groupings, (it was never the message) was a large part of the reason we left.
    If you start telling children at that age that they are not good enough to be with "other" children, it can do nothing but harm them!
    And for the record my daughter now an adult still remembers that conversation..
    Well the Joke is on them, because she is now a missionary and speaks to children about how they can achieve anything, through Christ, and not to let another person tell you that you are not good enough!
    So I guess we should say thank you to that bitter tongue woman for what she did!

  155. 1 Timothy 4:1-2
    1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;
    2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
    Pete, You have mentioned me several times on here when it was not me posting. Your claims of abuse of funds @ pvbc was disproven in an audit from Canada Revenue Agency. Should they audit you? I honestly don't know, I am just asking. Perhaps in the interest of fairplay, as you expose (supposedly) the wrongs at PVBC, you could also share your, independently verified, personal details about how you spend your time, and money. just a thought...

  156. Thank you for the apology. It's appreciated.

  157. There is another young person who was told by the pastors wife that he was good enough to hang out with her son.

  158. out with your "truth" already, pioneer, what are you waiting for? i've got friends and family there and need pms out. every day you wait satan gets stronger.

  159. Pete why are you so upset as to talk to your lawyer right away when the truth comes out about you taking advantage of people? When you dont pay your bills and just declare bankrupt the rest of us who pay our bills have to pay more because of you. You said you were no longer a con man and i beg to differ.Did i hit a nerve? As for your marriage I know that you were seperated a few times. I would say you are the one who is trying to cover up things!!!

  160. Pete You say you are accountable for what you do then why would you declare bankrupt? Doest sound to me like someone who is accountable. By the way i am not brainwashed and i know that you are not to be trusted.Sounds to me like you have alot to hide and that bitterness is eating your lunch....

  161. Do any of you truly think that the PVBC will change after PMS leaves?

  162. Have you ever been told practice what you preach. Let me share a bible study taught by Mike Sullivant when Canadian Baptist Bible College was in its baby years. Note this lesson was taught to the men "who were called to preach" . Its intitled "CHARACTER STUDIES' #1 Learn to blame yourself. #2 Finish the job. #3 Master or be Mastered. {whar are you?} #4 Do right at all times. #5Take care of the little things. #6 Cultivate a spirit of graditude. #7 Learn to say No. #8 Function according to your ability. #9 Do best at what you dislike most. #10 Keep getting up. #11 Make your stumbling stones your stepping stones. #12 You can do what you ought to do. Theres some good guidelines to follow I just wish Mike Sullivant would take his own advice and not just apply it to others. I once had respect for you Mike but you've taken a good thing and turned it into your own evil enterprise. Your a captain who has sunk his own ship. Making anyone who questions you or stands up against you look ungodly by bringing up their past, then mixing in lies, and baking it with your fire and brimestone preaching. Always using one more lie to hide behind. Whatever happened to you, Im glad we left when we did, but I can assure all of you on one thing during our years at pvbc I got to know Pete Reimer and the comments that are mentioned of him tell me many of you have no idea who he is, He gave countless hours serving the youth, minstring in churches, and building up people like me and possibly even some of you out there reading this. I knew Pete and all about his past before he joined pvbc and was joyed to see the change in his life . I saw how the youth grew in numbers and maturity, they all loved him and his wife. I believe that it must have been hard for Pete to resign from being Youth Pastor and there must be more to the story for him to leave something he loved with all his heart. Many of you have stated your comments now I do. Pete I will not close my ear to you, I know you did the best you could and you helped me many a time when you didnt have the time, finances or resources and I will aalways be grateful to you . God bless you and I love in you in Christ. For those of you who point your fingers shame on you I honestly dont think any of you have any idea all that this man has done for the ministry of God and is still anonymously doing so that God gets the Glory. Give your heads a shake and start thinking fo yourselves Why is everyone but Mike always the ones living in sin and the bad guy?

  163. Thought that Id share my comments on "pointing fingers' I too am a business man and have seen the ups and downs with running a company. I think I can honestly say its not easy. Often my company hasnt been payed for services rendered. When this happens it hard to pay our bills and stay afloat. On two ocassions I was forced into bankruptcy, it wasnt something I wanted to do or was i proud of it . I later came to realize that many bussiness people "go under'. Its not pleasant but it happens to even the best of people, Tell me am I a horrible person because i went bankrupt? Am i no longer a saved man? Am i no longer to be trusted? I struggle to let this out and have never brought this up until now. There are people from your church that also have gone bankrupt and people who even owe my business money but have never paid my company. Should I be listing your names? Im not that shallow , God has now blessed my company and we are finally doing well, but I have never rubbed it into my nonpaying customers let alone given them a bad name. After reading coments like what some of you post I see more and more why people hate that church , is this what you people practice? I know of people who Pete has done work for and these people have never paid him , these people have also not paid others aswell, thats part of doing bussiness especially in such a christian community, no one would ever stiff anyone would thay? Why dont some of you check out your pastor's prior business practices there are still people who he hasnt paid either and one being to a bussiness man like myself. I think I can see why Pete and so many others have left that place. Christians dont rub peoples past in their faces.

  164. I just received a call from a Bussiness friend of mine asking me too check out this blog and the stuff being mentioned. He said he couldnt believe whats taking place. I could care less about pvbc so I choose to avoid checking this out in the past. But I cant resist now . Im also a bussiness man in the area and would choose never do any bussiness with these people. You are such arrigant,self- righteous, backstabbing,snobbish,doublefaced, crooked,quick to judge,gossip telling, in -your- face , twisted, people You make us all sick . Why dont you pack your bags and get out of town. If we are all sinners anyway and your church is the only bible preaching one in town then get lost. Your attitudes about bringing up peoples faults makes all of us sick. Besides you shouldnt be around people like us were unclean.,we might just infect you all.

  165. umm...i think you're forgetting that its the anti-pms and pvbc people that are bringing all this up? wow.

  166. To those of you who used to be there as described by 10:27, and have seen the light and left the PVBC, are you apologizing for your attitudes of the past, and making things right with your family members and friends whom you ditched when you apparently became "better-than-us?"

  167. I would like someone to name one business that Mike Sullivant owes money to. name just one.

  168. Yes, but why is it being brought up? If things were all on the up and up would there be any reason for this to be happening?

  169. Since we're revisiting the business of unpaid bills, I'd like to remind everyone that a certain Michael Sullivant (Main Printing) was successfully sued in 1992 for $15,333.63 by Pacific National Leasing Corp., for arrears in rent, I believe. Do a search of MB court records if you don't believe me.

  170. To Judge Judy,

    If you ask the Lawyer named in the case about it you will find that this case was MISFILED when the corporation was being dissolved, after it was sold.

    Get your facts straight. You state that he was "successfully sued". He was never sued. Nor was there any other information to say otherwise. Go ask the Lawyer named in the lawsuit, or you might just get pegged as a Liar.

  171. 1Then Job answered and said,

    2How long will ye vex my soul, and break me in pieces with words?

    3These ten times have ye reproached me: ye are not ashamed that ye make yourselves strange to me.

    4And be it indeed that I have erred, mine error remaineth with myself.

    5If indeed ye will magnify yourselves against me, and plead against me my reproach:

    6Know now that God hath overthrown me, and hath compassed me with his net.

    7Behold, I cry out of wrong, but I am not heard: I cry aloud, but there is no judgment.

    8He hath fenced up my way that I cannot pass, and he hath set darkness in my paths.

    9He hath stripped me of my glory, and taken the crown from my head.

    10He hath destroyed me on every side, and I am gone: and mine hope hath he removed like a tree.

    11He hath also kindled his wrath against me, and he counteth me unto him as one of his enemies.

    12His troops come together, and raise up their way against me, and encamp round about my tabernacle.

    13He hath put my brethren far from me, and mine acquaintance are verily estranged from me.

    14My kinsfolk have failed, and my familiar friends have forgotten me.

    15They that dwell in mine house, and my maids, count me for a stranger: I am an alien in their sight.

    16I called my servant, and he gave me no answer; I intreated him with my mouth.

    17My breath is strange to my wife, though I intreated for the children's sake of mine own body.

    18Yea, young children despised me; I arose, and they spake against me.

    19All my inward friends abhorred me: and they whom I loved are turned against me.

    20My bone cleaveth to my skin and to my flesh, and I am escaped with the skin of my teeth.

    21Have pity upon me, have pity upon me, O ye my friends; for the hand of God hath touched me.

    22Why do ye persecute me as God, and are not satisfied with my flesh?

    23Oh that my words were now written! oh that they were printed in a book!

    24That they were graven with an iron pen and lead in the rock for ever!

    25For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:

  172. I have checked the facts, and it would be wise if everyone would as well, instead of listening to lies, rumors and insinuations. I spoke with an associate of the prosecuting lawyer, J.H. Dixon regarding this so called “successful” lawsuit against Main Printing. I asked if he could tell me any details regarding this case. He said they did not keep records that far back nor could he recall the details of such a small case. I asked him, according to a lawyer, what this information means. He said, it means that papers were filed, but there was never a court case or judgement and that for whatever reason the case was dropped. He went on to say that anyone can sue anyone and that it doesn’t mean anything--guilt or innocence. He said that after speaking with me for five minutes that he could turn around and sue me. He asked me why I was concerned about a 20 year old case. I went on to tell him that someone was trying to smear Mike Sullivant’s name and his reply was, “With this?” and then we both chuckled. He went on to say that just because someone is sued, it does not mean guilt or innocence. And in this case there was no case, it never went to court and there had never been a judgment made. I went on to call the Court of Queen’s Bench in Winnipeg and asked them about the case and they said much of the same, that papers were filed and then dropped. There was no hearing and no judgement!

    And in reply to Melanie Wiens and Frank Harder’s accusation of Pastor Sullivant looking at the giving records, there are other facts to consider than the words of two witnesses (Pastor Sullivant and Pastor Driedger), which should have been enough. Pastor Sullivant does not, by his own choosing, look at the giving records. There is no law (inside or outside the church) that says he cannot, but he chooses not to. Our giving records are in a password protected program (and he does not have the password) and the envelopes are kept in a separate financial storage room to which only I have the key. He has never asked me for the password, the key or for me to tell him your giving records. What Frank has said is simply not true! You have chosen to believe a lie.

    These are just a couple of the lies that are easily proved false...check the facts and don’t go on hearsay.

    I have been involved with the Pembina Valley Baptist Church from the start of the church back in 1988 and have worked for Pastor Sullivant for over 20 years. I have seen both him and his wife in valley experiences as well as on the mountain top and one thing that is a constant testimony in their lives and in the way they conduct themselves is that they are committed to the Lord Jesus Christ, to the Word of God and to live by biblical principles no matter the cost.

    Laura, your parents love you and your family very much and are constantly praying for restoration of the family. With God all things are possible. I love you and am praying for you.

    I would ask you all to really consider this situation and be honest--is this really bringing honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ?

  173. Are you SURE he or another person doesn't have another key? It would be pretty easy to have another set of keys and then he wouldn't have to ask you for anything and bring any suspision upon himself.

  174. Just a neutral observation from someone who knows what's been going on. If what Sandi is saying is true perhaps people aren't getting all the facts straight before going public just like P. Sullivant hasn't always conveyed all the correct facts before going to the congregation with other people's personal business. As soon as the people at PVBC learn to give a little grace to others the same might come back to them. I think I've read most of the comments and the anger toward the church that I'm noticing doesn't seem to be about the gospel, it's a lot of other things. When a church is being persecuted isn't it because the people don't want to hear about Jesus?

    Here's a question to all those against the church. Do you hate PVBC because of the gospel message they preach?

  175. It's interesting to note that Sandi Rempel left her position for a while and then returned because Mike Sullivant told her that she wasn't right with God. (This was Mike's claim anyway.)

    There was a time when I would have succumbed to that as well.

    9:43PM: It's not so much the gospel they preach, but the so many times they defile it.

  176. The fact in Mikes case isnt about a successful lawcase. Lets not get side tracked, its about the fact that He didnt pay his rent until he was taken to court. This case wouldnt have gone to court if Mike would have payed his Bill , so It sounds like he tryed to get away with not paying his rent and probably never would have if he wasnt taken to court. The sin is his intensions not the out come. Tell me then If a person robes a bank and the police end up catching him and he gives the money back he wont go to jail and they'll let him go free and everything will be back to normal? Wasnt Mike already a Pastor at this time? If he already practiced a lifestyle like this back then , what has he been doing for the past 20 years? The church sect chuckling about the pastors sin !! do you do this with other members sins? Pms doesnt need to see the books or offering envelopes to know what people give , the deacons and the men counting the offering each week know who gives and know how much they give. Is it not possible that they could give this information to pms? One thing your forgetting to mention Sandy is that there was a time frame when you were not the sect. Due to the fact that you werent being submissive. You were rebellious and choose to wear pants!!! Therefore you wernt allowed to be sect. Can you still honestly speak for what happened when Easther Weibe or Bonnie Wynn were sect. I believe that during this time the pastor was found having TWO books of records dealing with church finances. OHH right that was never proven either was it, the books were hidden and the sect was fired when this info got out. Then the two people who found out about the two books where hauled into the pastors office on separate occassions and told not to hang out with each other because they were bad news for each other. The things one will do to hide his sins its amazing. Only after that were you finally back in submission and put back into the sect position. I guess you cant HONESTLY answer for what happened during that time can you? Finally its amazing how Mike and Brenda show their love to Laura Im sure she knows how much they really love her. I thinks its almost as much as they love PMS Parents. Ya you know them Gerry and Sharon Sullivant also know as Lauras grandparents , the ones who Mike and Brenda drove out of town because they talked to Laura During the time she was church disciplined. The same people who Mike has had NOTHING to do with for years!! OHH except Pms did send Sharon flowers on her Birthday this year and flowers again on their anniversary. See he kinda had to do this because someone asked him how his relationship was with his parents and Pms said good. Flowers twice in several years can rapair almost any damage done right Mike? None the less Im sure there's a totally honest godly reason for all of this and you can probably even back it up with scripture. All this information is probably just all lies and from someone who is living in sin and just wants to tear pvbc apart and ruin PMS isnt it?

  177. In response to Anonymous 9:43:
    Great comment. It's NOT the gospel message that disterbs us. In fact, it's what attracted us to PVBC in the first place.
    You are right. That is what we should be persecuted for. Not a host of other things.
    Sad. Very sad, since not many other church is town preach such a clear gospel message.

  178. A long time ago I heard this saying:

    Never be defensive. If you're wrong - you don't HAVE a defense. If you're right - you don't NEED one.

  179. Since I don't have my facts straight, and Wagon Burner and Sandi seem to be privy to the fine details of this (non)case, let me ask a few clarifying questions:

    1. What was the relationship between Main Printing (Michael Sullivant) and Pacific National Leasing Corp.?

    2. Why did PNLC file a Statement of Claim* against Main Printing and Michael Sullivant to the tune of $15,333.63?

    3. Sandi, you said "for whatever reason, the case was dropped." I suspect PNLC didn't take action for the fun of it, or if they didn't think they were justified. Was any amount of money ever transferred from the defendant to the plaintiff, in or out of court, as a result of this action?

    4. If money was transferred, why? Was it an act of charity or benevolence?

    *Statement of Claim: a pleading in civil law proceedings where the Plaintiff alleges the facts relied upon in support of the relief or remedy claimed; THE DOCUMENT WHICH COMMENCES AN ACTION OR "LAW SUIT".
    Taken from

  180. *If anyone is interested in attending PVBC this Wednesday night, April 6th at 7:30, Pastor will be addressing the recent rumors.*

  181. If the comment at 10:53 is legitimate, then why is there no name to it. You should not be hiding behind anonymous if there will sincerely be a service regarding the "recent rumors". Is it just a ploy to see who will all show up on Wednesday and then "attack" those that look "guilty"? And by the way, how would Mike be addressing these "rumors"? I thought he was not reading or following this blog, how does he know there are "rumors"? If he says one word regarding this blog, he has proved himself and his puppets to be LIARS!

  182. Anon 10:53

    And of course it will all be the truth, because it is coming out of the mouth of the great PMS. Don't make me laugh.

  183. The announcement was that he would be addressing "church matters" not recent rumors.

  184. who are you kidding? Sullivant knows exactly who and who does not tithe. Thats how someone is labelled and watched closely because this is seen as the first act of rebellion against Sullivant.
    Sandi, as sweet as you are, even you are smart enough to realize that the deacons are reporting everything back directly to Sullivant.
    Wednesday night, Sullivant will address recent rumours. Sadly, all those loyal followers of Sullivant will take his tears and woe is me attitude and it's all lies attitude, his we're moving forward for God, so we're being persecuted attitude.
    And I don't think anyone commenting is saying they dislike pvbc or what it stands for. They're asking for the leader, he isn't a pastor, he's a micro managing dictator, to be held accountable. Imagine pvbc'ers if your leader was a Pastor, not your judge and jury what God could do through your church.

  185. I have a question. What right do the people who attend PVBC have to say that there is no other bible preaching church in this area? How can you be so judgemental??? I personally do not appreciate comments like that. I know for a fact my church is a bible believeing church. I follow along in scripture. It is the attitude like that that makes me never want to set foot in PVBC. Oh and I have been there a few times. But due to events that have happened over the last half year with my family that attends there we will not be going there ever again and neither will my children. Ok So now you can say im judging you right? WEll before this we didnt agree with everything that got done at PVBC but we still had respect for our family that went there. and thought that yes the church had many good points and If people wanted to attend there that was there choice. We just were not interested. WE were/are happy serving in the church we attend. But then a few very upsetting events some of which were them saying we did not know how to teach our children about God. I mean how would you feel as a parent if the things you taught your children were not good enough and only the PVBC know the right stuff? Im not saying that there is not great People in PVBC. But you should really re-think the way you put your msg out there. You shun your friends and family that dont attend PVBC. You think yourself to be better then everyone else. Im sorry but im not willing to give up my relationship with my parents and siblings.(who are Christians) just to attend PVBC. How is that being a good christian? Shunning people just because they dont attend your church? Oh and you can say that it's not true but since we have experienced it first hand I nkow it is.
    So please dont say that PVBC is the only bible preaching church in this area. I know of a number of really great churches in Winkler

  186. why do the members of Pembina Valley Baptist church feel the need to use children to get people to the church? They get their children to call family members and try to invite them to whatever they have going on? I find that to be kinda coniving.

  187. Does anyone know why the PVBC has a resturant in the church? Why are they selling food there after services? I personally found it offensive. We were at PVBC a few weeks ago and you could go buy all kinds of food. Why do you need that in a church?

    I would also like to know why do all the women have to wear skirts?

    Someone posted about the baptists makng fun of mennonites and the head coverings. I have overheard that as well. ALong with saying how mennonites are just full of traditions.

    I find the people who I have met from PVBC to be exactly the same.

    The women are always wearing jean skirts. Not that it's wrong but dont think you look better doing that then the "mexican mennonites" wearing their style of dresses.

  188. How is selling food in a church offensive? LOL

  189. Also, the women don't HAVE to wear skirts, it's a choice.

  190. In respone to Sandi, you said pastor sullivant does not see the giving records by his choosing? So what does that mean?
    People just tell him how much others give?

    How can you say that Frank was lying when he knew the amount the Vic and Melanie gave?

    And since he knew it would come out in the open why would he lie?

    So if your pastor didn tell him the amount like you say. Then how did he know? Could it be your records are not as protected as you say?

  191. Matthew 21:12And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, 13And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

    How did Jesus feel about it?

  192. Re: Sandi's comment,

    That key you have is not powerful enough to silence people. Of course it would impossible for the ones who know the giving to leak or give information to the pastor because the magic key is in your pocket! Come on. I don't care if he knows the giving or not, but why pretend or deny it? The loyalty many people have there is out of this world, and the moment they saw something that didn't look right to them they'd run to him immediately and you know it.

    I'm guessing you got permission to post your comment before you did. Why send you to do it and not do it himself?

    Sandi, you've been there so long, part of your loyalty has to be emotional at this point. I've also noticed that all 3 women who serve on staff closest to the preacher are all unmarried. I'm not eluding to anything other than he has become their final authority at home, work and church. That was a really smart move on his part. No husbands to voice opinions or know any inside business. He is intelligent, smooth and charming. Gospel aside, you guys would do anything to defend him. If I'm wrong feel free to say so.


    There are other bible preaching churches in the area but they're taught to believe there isn't. They can't help it. Some aren't as clear on some great truths like eternal security for example, but yes, there are other churches and other great Christians out there. People who are genuine and truly want to serve God and teach their children right. What they really want to say is, there is no other church that preaches their fabulous standards. That's what they think sets them apart and puts them on a higher level of understanding. Their willingness to look silly, shun, and do whatever ever they're told to do for the sake of Godly submission whether they understand it or not. I speak from experience. Past experience.


    Do you have to come off so arrogant and angry? It's understandable if something happened to you while you were there, but it doesn't seem right. You can leave the church cause you were right about something and still be wrong. I get a bad feeling when I read your comments 'cause of the spirit I'm sensing behind them. And if you're someone who's left for whatever reason and you're cheering on his rage and destruction, you're not right either. My suggestion to Pioneer is this. State the facts if you must, but leave the sarcasm, hate and feelings out of it.


    There's a restaurant in the church so people stay after services for meals and coffee instead of going out. The less time people (esp the women) spend in public, the less chance there is for them to question things, talk about things, or wonder why other women look so much better than they do and seem happy even though they're not wearing jean skirts. From a late night at the church, the majority of the women go home and start their long tedious task of homeschooling the ever growing families til the next service. It's all about control.

  193. in regards to comment April.3 12:27
    How is selling food offensive?

    First of all what is with the LOL? I asked a question and stated that I found it offensive. What's so LOL about that.

    And what about what it says in Matthew ch.21?
    Jesus says his house will be called a house of prayer.
    I dont believe in buying and selling in a church.
    Does scripture not say that is wrong.
    So what if it is food. WHy do you need a resturant in a church?

  194. Anonymous said...
    *If anyone is interested in attending PVBC this Wednesday night, April 6th at 7:30, Pastor will be addressing the recent rumors.*
    April 3, 2011 10:53 AM

    You better come early to get a seat. PVBC seats only 1000 so both entrances will be lined up outside with people. It will be a record attendance. There is parking across the street East of the Church.

  195. You have some nerve, 1:08 pm. You are just the authority on everything, now aren't you. You say you don't like reading Pioneer/Pete's comments because of the spirit behind them. But what about you? You make innuendos about the Pastor at PVBC. You say the ladies of that church don't look like other women, but you make it sound like the are unattractive and like they are not aloud to spend time "in public". "It's all about control" you say. What about you? Are you not seeking to control people by what you are saying? My suggestion to you and others is this, If you don't have the facts and the truth don't state anything. Leave the lies, the innuendos and the hate at the alter.

  196. 4:08,

    There was no innuendo in my comment. Read it again, the part about, "I'm not eluding to anything other than..." You must have missed that part.

    I've heard women from there say that they feel ugly in the clothes they wear. I've seen more jean skirts, runners and frumpy pony tails in that place than anyone should ever have to see. It's not their fault. Many are often tired and broke and struggle to find nice clothes cause ankle length skirts aren't easy to find in stores.

    I didn't say they're "not allowed to spend time in public", I said it gives them less time in public, less time to see outside the box.

    You just twisted my words and added stuff that wasn't there.

    You have a point that my comment may have come across in the wrong spirit, but it wasn't. Sorry if you felt that way. These are things I've seen myself and the conclusions I've come to. Take it or leave it.

    What facts? Do you have proof to prove otherwise? What are the facts then? Tell us so we know.

    p.s. You have hate too.. :)

  197. If there was no innuendo in your comment, then why put it in there like that at all? I didn't miss anything. What you were trying not to say spoke so loud that I could not hear what you were trying to say.

  198. The women don't have to wear skirts.. it's a choice?

    Seems to me THEY HAVE TO! What would happen if I walked into your church wearing a pair of pants on Sunday morning, Sunday evening, or Wednesday evening? As someone mentioned above.. the secretary was removed from her duties due to the fact that she wore pants for a while.


  199. Lying, denying, justifyingApril 3, 2011 at 10:08 PM

    How wonderful to hear PMS is going to clear the air and reveal the truth!

    Unfortunately he's past the point of repentance, and all you'll hear on Wednesday is the same you'll hear whenever a despot is finally cornered: Lying, denying,justifying, and spin, spin, spin. He's got no choice, really, he's held onto power for too long, there is no option for him except become even more despotic and dishonest. And of course, there will always be those who will continue to follow regardless of how damning and conclusive the evidence is.

    So remember, little lambs, these three words when you hear him attempt to put "rumors" to rest on Wednesday: Lying, denying, justifying.

  200. I wear pants there all the time. Nothing has ever been said to me before. Like I said, it's a choice. You obviously haven't visited the church before.