Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I have been asked by several of you, as to why I have chosen to share my story now....12 years after the fact.

 My goal is NOT to spread 'slander' (I absolutely LOVE how some people like to use that word!) My hope and prayer, is that by writing this blog I can help another daughter,or mother,wife, man, and son, to see the Truth.

God has given EACH of us strength. No matter who you are, or who your parents might be...HE (God) has given you a brain and the ability to use it.

No, I'm not encouraging rebellion!

But when you are being told or encouraged to do things that go against the BIBLE, no matter how direct or indirect, we as Christians NEED to do something about it.

I have heard about another particular story that is similar to mine, where this girl called the police and had them wait outside her parents' home while she packed her bags to leave.
I applaud her for knowing that she had a right to leave!

I myself had no idea that I could even leave legally, let alone be able to call the authorities. I whole-heartedly believe that my life would have turned out MUCH different had I known what to do!

I KNOW I am not perfect! But I WILL however, strive to be like my Lord Who IS perfect!

I know what I believe, and I stand FIRM in that belief!


  1. I agree, the cops will help anyone in that type of situation. Most of the cops know the truth about PVBC and will aid anyone in "trouble" there.

  2. After 12 years? It appears the rebellion is surfacing as revenge - destructive - against parents and the Lord's work in Winkler. How can the motives be anything but destructive? Discerning people should see and understand this. Consider the frustration 12 years ago resulting in judgment error. That is when this whole ordeal may have been placed in the hands of qualified elders. Very sad. The Lord's people need to pray and support this great work (PVB)the Lord has raised up in Winkler. Maybe it's not too late to publicly surrender this ordeal to qualified elders so the pastor doesn't have to deal with it. This type of rebellion may be a spiritual issue beyond the scope of the flesh. God help us all!

  3. It is very sad that you( Previous writer) only choose to listen to one side of the story and not consider that she could be telling the truth. GOD help you !!!

  4. Anyone that has attended PVBC would be aware that there are no elders in that church.Only yes men [deacons].And if any of these speak openly there is a good chance church dicipline is applied.Only one in control there,and his name does not start with capital G.

  5. Ain't that the truth!

  6. Whoops! Our only knowledge of this comes from this blog. We have attended PVB 3 times during the past 3 years and it reminds us of the church we were saved in over 30 years ago. The last time we were there we sat by a young man thrilled with people being saved at PVB and we've visited godly elders there also. That's the work of the Lord. There are competitive last days churches springing up on many street corners today in rebellion against godly tradition and described in II Tim. 3. But there's a valid message in verses 13-16 for those reared by godly parents. Truth can be either venom or honey. There's another side that can be stated such as the sacrifice of godly parents who provide the piano and violin lessons and so much more. We pray for you and would like to see the honey side of truth revealed and a day of miraculous reconciliation. The only motive we have is renewed joy for all of us. Like I keep telling our grand-children: Trust Jesus!

  7. What you saw was blind followers that have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. 3 deacons have left the church that will NEVER return again, the information they have would shock your pants off. Ultimate money & power corrupt and the leader there is as corrupt as could be. I am very thankful and relieved you don't attend there. Far too many families have been destroyed and continue to be, not at all the work of God.

  8. Is it too late? II Timothy 2:19-26 doesn't require explanation; but promises that "God may grant repentance". We pray for pastors by name on Friday mornings and have included Winkler pastors for months as they make final preparation for the Lord's Day. We'll be praying for Laura also. PVB has great knowledge of God's Word and maybe needs an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Our strength in the Lord comes from surrender and obedience. Our own efforts too often get in the way. God's Word provides the answers; but God created us creatures of choice. We obey or we don't. In love.

  9. I have attended the Pembina Valley Baptist Church sence day one.Going through the time of Laura leaving her Family was the hardest thing that I have ever seen her Father & Mother go through. The burden of having a Child that would take 18+ years of Love and sacrifice and CHOOSE to forsake that love just blows me away.
    To choose to "try" to distroy their own brothers and sister by distroying their Biblical authority. Pastor Sullivant has always said that the greatest thing that he prays for is that his Children do the will of God for their Lives.
    Jesus in "Matthew 10:34-39" gives all of us a clear picture that Pastor Sullivant loved the LORD enough to follow Him and not given in when the Devil attacked.
    I am sorry for the way that this "blog" will more then likely make it hard for some to find the Truth.
    All that it would take for Laura Kay Sullivant Sterk to have restoration is to repent of the rebellion and slander and ask for forgiveness.
    no one LOVES her on this earth then her FATHER & MOTHER.(I know this)
    I write this comment with the prayer that Our Family will one day be together.

    DAD & MOM LOVE YOU no matter what you say.

    I will always be praying for you,
    Mark Sullivant

  10. This is the first time ever I've participated in a blog or similar. I have business web site but would never put up a personal site. Good intentions or not the electronic media today has given Satan omnipresence into the bedrooms of unsuspecting children and the results are epidemic. This used to be an area reserved for parents and the omnipresence of the one and only true God. Who does the Bible say is the prince of the power of the air? We're in the endtimes and he's prevailing in families. Put on and keep on the full armor. I'm sorry for the intrusion.

  11. Last Sunday we listened to Pastor Sullivant preach from Judges on CFAM. We attended the Christmas cantata this year and tonight we watched the Christmas cantata video received today. It's wonderful and a keepsake and we're sending copies to our grown children. Last fall we attended PVB with 2 grand-daughters from Texas. Thank you for the blessing you've been to our family. Let's keep praying for each other. God answers prayer.

  12. Well I for one have "Never" attended or been to any of this church's Functions.I was invited when they first started back in the 80's.Of all the people in our Family I am the only one that never attended or visited this ummmm so called Church ! I've seen a lot of damage done to our Family rooting itself from this do I say it so called Church .I'm not sure if Laura will remember me or not,but I still remember your whole Family attending some of Family gatherings when you first moved out here.One Truth I would like to share is this "The Truth only Hurts if it ought to " So many people claim to know God, I on the other hand would say "you may know of a God but you yourself don't truly know him.(having a Form of Godliness but denying the power thereof ).I'm sure a comment like that would make some people in a place of leadership fuming mad ! but like I said earlier truth only hurts if it ought to ! It's High time people start to challenge what is being brought across the pulpit! God has no problem with anyone who is earnestly seeking him in doing so ! How do I Know Been there done that ! think about it how could any "good Father deny his children from getting to know Him".I know there are people that would say "HOW DARE YOU QUESTION SOMEONE IN AUTHORITY ! Don't you know that God lives in you as well? And he said he would give us the Holly Spirit to Guide and teach us ! Hmmmm so does this mean now that we don't have to listen and obey what the uuum Pastor is saying ? Yes that's exactly what i'm saying. "Gods Word needs no defense it stands alone and is ! Gods word says to guard your heart,also we ask Jesus into our Heart so why do so many say that the heart is evil and deceitful ? Doesn't Jesus live in our heart ? Therefore we need to renew or dare I say "brainwash our mind" Think of washing your mind of all the filth and lies the devil tries to make you believe,and Renew your mind to the promises and attributes of God.Jesus himself challenged the leaders and teachers of his time.There are to many so called Christians sitting on the fence and it's time they fall off onto either side.separating the wheat from the chaff.Question is which side are you on ? Or are you still on that fence not wanting to raise any fuss or make a stand? God says he will Weed them out .

  13. Doesn't seem like John Reimer has heard both sides yet makes his judgment.

    and Laura and other bloggers, Her side of the story is on this blog! DUH, so everyone that posts has heard/read her side.

    How many have sought Pastor Sullivants?????

  14. Laura, I am so glad that you are finally telling your side of the story even though this is upsetting those who are still blind to the way your dad operates. I cannot understand how your parents have not reached out to you or your grandparents in all this time. What do you tell your innocent children when they ask about your family? I hope you telling your story will inspire others to tell their story. Hopefully you can open the eyes of even just a few people. Those who know your side and choose to turn a blind eye, may have to find out the hard way when they do the the "unthinkable" and ask PMS a question that he does not want to answer. Laura, knowing your dad as well as you do, was he always that mean and harsh with you kids when you were growing up, or did this mean side of him only come up when you wanted to leave home? May God keep guiding you and leading you in His path. Keep up the faith and don't back down with your story. I believe you are helping many people.

  15. To Anon@10:50

    I can answer the question about what we tell our children about Laura's family.

    Our children have grown up not even knowing about the other side of the family. Until now they have never asked about the other grandparents. Our children consider Jerry and Sharon Sullivant their other grandparents. The kids call them Oma and Opa.

  16. Thanks, Jason, for answering my question regarding what you tell your children about Laura's side. How unfortuante that PMS has chosen to go through life without knowing these precious little ones who are his own flesh and blood. But, I am very glad that they at least have Laura's parents there for them. I guess they just can't see them very often since they live so far away. Keep up your faith in the Lord and He will guide you daily.

  17. Sorry. IN 1:54pm I made a typing error. I typed that "they at least have Laura's parents there for them." I meant to say Laura's grandparents.

  18. When you have the Guts to post your name anonymous I may take you seriously .Like I have said in other posts,No accountability,Spineless,cowards not wanting to post their names.You come here to bash what is going on and say it's all lies, and do not want to leave your names..no accountability,Spineless Christians ! You are just like the pharisees.

  19. America Poet Anna Sexton once wrote: “It doesn't matter who my father was; it matters who I remember he was.”

    I think that fits. Any of you, who grew up with an abusive parent should be able to relate.

  20. Laura Sullivant Sterk, you are a very courageous woman for taking a stand for what you know is right. You're helping more people than you realize. I can only imagine how painful this has been for you over the years. Unfortunately any challenge to the militant approach of the PVB will always be perceived as bitterness, Satan influenced, rebellious, ungodly and completely unacceptable. It's an air-tight argument they've created. Believe everything we teach, hook, line and sinker, or we'll disown you and ostracize you and cut you off from everything and everybody that's we've made important to you. An extreme dependency on the church is established, and the harshest of penalties and fear tactics are carried out to avoid present or future dissention. It reflects a high level of fear and insecurity among the church leadership itself.

  21. Dear Mr. Reimer,
    I do not know who you are, but do detect lots of anger. The friuts of the spirit are what?
    Do you ever listen to Joyce Meyers. She was abused by her Father for many years. When he was eighty years old Joyce led him to the Lord. She even baptized him. He truly asked her to forgive him.
    Today she has a huge ministry,teaching millions of people the word of God.
    I believe God is doing to use Laura to help set people free that have been abused by parents and others. From my heart. Tina

  22. What some people dont seem to understand is that no one is perfect...whos taking sides? Laura has a right to blog about her experiences. So as long as its not a lie, what is wrong with it? One thing I've noticed about the PVBC is that everyone who goes to their church is "in" and the rest of the world is condemned to hell. I wouldnt want any part in that. Jesus died for EVERYONE!!!!!!! What the leaders of that church need to ask themselves is "What would Jesus do?" Would He approve of their ways. And if they can't see what they are doing wrong, well I guess they'll just have to wait till they get to heaven and God opens their eyes to the truth.

  23. To May 5, 2011 at 10:46am. Nobody has said it better than you did! That was so insightful. Signed Tina.

  24. Yes I know what the fruits of the spirits are.Anger ? Self righteous people trying to Justify their actions with scripture.Satan himself uses tactics like this!Jesus himself used harsh words at times but it was not considered "SIN" hmmm never get mad, frustrated for fear that you are sinning,no I don't think so.God Created Us,in his own image do you dare to say that God does not get mad or frustrated?Would God Be sinning if he got mad?There is A time for everything so the Bible says !There is such a thing as "Righteous Anger" however it says "Sin Not". Bible Reference to JOB:1:22 In all this Job did not sin by Charging God with wrong doing. Job Himself Charged God with Wrong doing and it was not considered sin ?...False accusation? wouldn't that be Sin? Or Did God do Wrong? Satan is very Cunning in trying to accuse God's Children.How in tune with God are each one of us?

  25. Yes, this blog does help people. It helped me. Our grown daughter, an example of all that is right and good, shocked everyone and began a life of sin. Her repentance seemed shallow, and I resisted when everyone said to forgive her. Why should I forgive someone who caused our family so much pain?

    She got pregnant, lost her baby to a medical condition halfway through the pregnancy to her great distress and agony. My cold heart started to feel pity, but I still held onto my anger. By such open sin, she destroyed her testimony, I felt, and weakened that of her whole family.

    Also, because I had stayed home with my kids, I felt that my years of sacrifice and staying at home were nullified, that it justified my friends who worked outside the home because many of their kids turned out fine, with families and lives that seemed happy and healthy.

    I was in this angry, cold state of mind when I read Laura’s blog. I read her whole story and all the comments. When I saw the cold, heartless comments coming from the defenders of Pastor Sullivant, and when I read about the way her parents had treated her, I caught a reflection of myself and recoiled in horror. Was I like that? Was I that cruel?

    Because of this blog, my heart started to melt. I thought about the story of the Prodigal son. At first I thought, well, if he came home with a hooker on each arm, would the father still have rejoiced to see him? But when I reread the story, I see that there is no real indication that son had changed much at all. He’d just run out of money. He said, “I will say to my father” this and that. There is no indication he had any kind of a heart change. The parable is given for the sake of the Pharisees, the guys like the priggish older son who isn’t glad when his brother is alive.

    It was hard to see myself in this blog, but I did. My daughter is now married to the father of her stillborn baby and regularly attending church. Though I still struggle, Laura has helped me view things with a healthier attitude, a more loving outlook and I try harder to love like Jesus loves.

  26. Anon May 5, 2011 8:36 PM
    Awesome story!

  27. If this is the only positive thing that happens because of this blog I think it was worth it..I am talking in regards to May 5th 8:36 pm...
    I will pray for healing in your family..And I am sure with God's help, you will prevail..God bless you and enjoy the time with your daughter

  28. I am sickened by the statement that Laura left without giving thought to how much her parents had sacrificed for her (piano and violin lessons). The sacrifice that parents make should be because they love their children, and not to keep them indebted forever. And if you can't afford music lessons, children survive without them every day. IF you choose to do that for your children, then you've made the decision. In the Bible (and I'm not sure where; maybe someone can help me out) it says something to the effect of "If a child asks for bread will a father give them a stone". I also "ran away" when I was 18, and although my parents were hurt and angry, they never turned their back on me. After a few years I was back in communion with God and all was well. I'm not sure even now what would have been the end result had they not been there for me. Nobody can tell me that MS took the high road by being a jerk, and not running after his little girl, using patience and understanding to bring her back home. Laura, be blesses.