Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My First Day

Today is my first day at writing a blog.
I have NO idea how or even IF this will work, but I thought I should at least try.

The last few months have been a HUGE challenge for me, in ALL aspects...(ie., physically,spiritually,emotionally.)

I can't help but find it interesting, (and a little sad) when I hear about people having 'issues' with their siblings. I haven't been able to see my siblings since 1999.
People have no idea what really matters in a brother/sister relationship.
To experience weddings, to watch eachother's children grow up, to have your children be close to their cousins is something SO MANY people take for granted.

I am thankful...that my daughters are not quite old enough to think of the right questions to ask, but its only a matter of time.
I'm sure they've noticed, but they're quite about the fact that they don't know any of their cousins from my side, that they've never met their aunts or uncles...or get gifts from anyone during Christmas or birthdays.

My personal challenge right now, is to continue to raise my girls in a stable/balanced environment. I don't EVER want them to feel rejected or unloved by their mother or father. I want to raise them to love God and serve Him to the best of their abilities, and to stick to their beliefs no matter what garbage the world might throw at them.

Many people have asked me or made comments about how I am able to continue loving and serving God?

Well, there is ONE good thing that I have inherited from my dad, STRONG WILL and STUBBORNESS!!! LOL!!
I know what I believe, and why I believe it...If anyone can prove to me that I am wrong, then I am willing to change my line of thinking.
It wasn't God who abused me as a child, it wasn't God who treated me with anger, it wasn't God who told me I would never succeed in life.

GOD gave me the courage to run, even though I had NO idea who to trust or where to go.
GOD gave me the wonderful friends and friends of friends that assisted me in the worst of times.
GOD has given me talents and abilities that no man could EVER take away from me.
GOD has ensured that I HAVE succeeded in the things that I do in spite of being 'prayed over' that I would die

I guess the jist of my story, is that you should be thankful for ALL that you have...No matter how small it may seem.

No, I KNOW I'm far from perfect...We all stumble and fall, and we're ALL at different levels of maturity. I just have to 'stick to my guns'! And know that no matter what, GOD is there for me...Even if no one else is!

Alrighty, there's my first post! YAY!!


  1. YAY! Well said, my friend, well said :)

  2. Love your blog! Keep it up! Truth is much needed in our lives!

  3. Awesome blog Laura!!! Your post was well put!

  4. Great start to a fantastic blog. You go, girl! Can't wait for the next entry!

  5. Makes me miss you even more! Keep it up girl!

  6. This brought tears to my eyes!! Good job, Laura!! Stay strong!

  7. Wow Laura! Amazing! I cant wait to continue reading the rest of your story...

  8. I'm happy to find your blog and look forward to your posts, although I am so sorry that circumstances in your life have made it necessary. Keep looking up even as you look back and sort through tangled roots ... and as often as needed, stop to rest. God bless you and your family.

  9. You are a survivor! Congratulations on coming out of this situation in such a healthy condition. That is a rare accomplishment. Your story will be an inspiration to many!

  10. You should be very proud of your first entry and the rest.
    Very inspirational.

  11. I wanted to comment on a post that wasn't heavily commented already, so here it goes -
    I sincerely admire you. Have you ever looked into blogs like ? It has stories from women who have escaped something much like what, from what I understand, you did.
    I truly respect you, and hope you have found/continue to find healing from all of this.

    is a good resource as well.
    God Bless :)