Saturday, January 29, 2011

Leaving (Part TWO) *** Please Read Part ONE first ***

The night that the 'staff member' had tried to help me, I received a phone call from him.
He had called my dad and BEGGED him to allow someone for me to confide in. First he (staff member) tried to get his wife to be allowed, he even tried to make it so that my own mother could talk to me....
All were shot down, this 'staff member' sounded so sad and disappointed on the phone as he talked to me.

I don't know how long I cried that night in the dorm.

The next morning (Saturday), we had classes right after breakfast.
During one of the breaks between classes, I was sitting in the student lounge with a couple other people when the 'staff member' came and sat in the chair beside mine.
He asked me how I was doing,.... I just looked at him and almost burst into tears.
He then asked me if I thought I was going to leave, I told him I didn't know but, maybe.
He told me that although his hands were tied there at the college, if I chose to not be a part of it anymore, he would no longer be bound by the 'laws' of my dad.
The 'staff member' then told me that he would rather I NOT leave the college,but that if I did he and his wife would be there for me, and I could call them any time.

It was that particular 'staff member's' class after that meeting. As everyone was getting seated in the classroom, I saw the 'guy' I was interested in rush in, grab his books off the table and rush out.
I looked at the 'staff member' and asked if I could be excused from the class.
He looked me in the eye and said, "I don't think that would be a good idea."
I just looked at him and my eyes filled with tears
He then looked back over at me and said, "well, you have a perfect attendance, I'll allow it."

I shot out of that place as fast as I could.
As soon as I got back to my dorm, I called the 'guy' to see why he had collected his books so fast.
He told me that he had now been told to leave, so he was packing his bags.
I apologized to him for being the reason for his having to leave. And honestly, had I been ANY other girl everything would have been just fine for him.
He then asked ME what I was going to do.
I said I didn't know, but that I was going to be leaving no matter what.

I remembered a friend of mine that lived out of town, she had said that if I ever needed a place to stay I could call her.
I got out the phone book and called her at her parent's place.
Everything was fine for me to go there, she would meet me in Miami and from there we would go to her parents'.
While I was out with my friend getting propane for the BBQ, my dad called my friends' mom. (I had forgotten to close the phone book back at the dorm.)
Her mom said that I was welcome to stay there as long as I needed to. My dad said that he would like to come there and 'just talk' to me.
After my friend and I got back from town, I was talking on the phone with this 'guy'. My friend rushed into the room I was in and said, "Your dad is on his way here!!!"

It was only a matter of minutes, I barely had time to react when both my mom and dad were in the house.
I was still on the phone with this 'guy' when my mom opens the door to the room and tells me to "c'mon, we're going home."
I just looked at her and shook my head no.
My mom just looked right back at me and glared, "is that the 'guy' on the phone??" I nodded yes.
She then put her finger on the phone base and hung up on him.

I had no choice but to comply. My dad 'apologized' for my having involved them in this matter, and hoped that it had not ruined their evening.
Then with a parent holding each arm, they escorted me out of the house.
My mom stayed in my car with me while my dad drove ahead of us in his car.

Once we reached their house, the three of us went up to my parent's bedroom. My dad then gave my brother Mike Jr. the keys to my car and told him to park it up nice and tight to the bumper of the family van, and to park my dads' car up against the bumper behind my car so that I could not get out.
My dad then looked at me and said, "Don't even THINK of taking your car, the insurance is in MY name!"
"And don't you try riding your horse outta here either! I'll have the RCMP on you so fast you won't know what happened!!!"

Then, he asked me a question.
"If this 'guy' were to show up here in his truck and say, 'Laura, get in the truck,we're going to [province] to elope and get married' would you go with him?"
I looked him square in the eye and said, "Yes sir."

He then told me to lay across the bed and proceeded to hit me 7 times with a wooden spoon.

That was it.....I didn't shed a tear while he hit me,I was DONE!

I then sat back down in the chair in my parents' room and my dad asked me that question again.

"If this 'guy' were to show up here in his truck and say, 'Laura, get in the truck,we're going to [province] to elope and get married' would you go with him?"
Again, I looked him in the eye and replied, "Yes sir."

Then, to my horror he looked over at my mother who was laying on their bed 'sobbing' and said,
"Well, looks like we'll have to bury her."
I just sat there and stared at him....What did THAT mean???
Even my mom looked up at him and said, "WHAT?!?!"
"We can't allow this to go on any longer." was his answer.

He then got on the bed and laid a hand on my mom's shoulder and proceeded to pray that God would end my life and or the 'guy's' so that we would not continue on in our 'rebellion'.


  1. Wow!! This breaks my heart........MY GOD came that we may have LIFE and abundantly!!! Praise my God that he would NEVER answer that prayer!!! This all makes me so sad, that someone who is a supposed man of God would twist the word to their benefit. My bible says: They will know we are Christians by our love NOT condemnation!!! The Holy Spirit does convict, yes...but in love! The devil condemns.....I am glad you are sharing your story, and I am sorry you had to live under such a dictatorship, and control.

  2. Your dad sure has a lot to learn about God, God's will, God's love and sin. It is obvious that your dad struggles with pride and anger and that he has no desire to recognize or overcome that. He seems to forget that we are called to love, not to judge or condemn. I see absolutely no fatherly love in anything you've written here. What I do hear is someone who is pridefully legalistic and authoritarian, who is incapable of showing any love, mercy or grace as demonstrated by Jesus Christ and God himself, yet charismatically portrays himself as an emissary of God. He will have much to answer for one day . . . . . . .

  3. Laura, I have met you on a few occassions and have been to your father's church as well as their home. Many of family members are a part of PVBC and I knew at a very young age that all wasn't right in that congregation. My family was once very close and since being a part of PVBC, we have grown apart. Thank you for sharing your story and hope you find comfort knowing that there are many of us out here who know you father and his church and still believe you. Your strength is inspiring and I am happy to hear that you have found happiness. God Bless.

  4. A Modern Day ZealotApril 14, 2011 at 5:28 PM

    Nice Post Trina ! and how true ! To much Condemnation being preached in a so called God's way of teaching.I "know there is a better way of teaching" I'm All to Glad I'm Free of this Bondage and condemning way of teaching !