Saturday, January 29, 2011

Leaving (Part THREE) *** Please Read Parts ONE & TWO ***

Later that night, because it was a Saturday, my dad had to go to the church to study or something.
I asked my mom if I could go out and spend some time with the horses.(I used to do that almost every night prior to living at the college)
She said yes, so on my way out I grabbed my purse and also the portable phone. I hid my purse behind a tree stump in the front yard and took the phone with me out to the horses.

I dialed my friend's number (the one my parents had taken me from) and the line was busy. 
Because of the comments my dad had made, I didn't think that I could call the police.
Oh how I WISH I had!
Then, stupid me, I tried dialing my friend again...Only I didn't listen for a dial tone.
There I was, making dialing noises and my PARENTS were talking on the phone!!!!!

"Laura, is that you?" my father asked.
"Yes sir." I replied.
"Were you trying to call your friend?"
"Yes sir."
Then came my moms' voice, "Laura, get in the house RIGHT NOW!"

When I got inside, my mom stood staring at me and (not knowing what else to say,) said, "Go to your room and read your Bible!"
I almost laughed at that, but...I went up to my room, read Psalms 23 (The Lord is my shepherd) and fell asleep.

At church the next morning, I didn't have much to wear except the clothes I had slept in. My mom made me play piano for the church choir,and had me stay with her in the church nursery during part of the service.
The service that I did attend, my grandma and mother sat on either side of me.

That afternoon, I had an impromptu meeting in the ladies washroom with two friends of mine.(one of which was the one that I had gone to the day before)
Neither of them wanted to get involved any more than they already were, it was just too risky for them.
I understood, and yet.......

Unfortunately, as we were exiting the washroom, my mother saw us.

Here is one of TWO lies I made.

Lie #1 - My mom asked me if I was trying to run away again....I said, 'No' (Now, that was OBVIOUSLY a lie because I HAD been trying to find a way out)

Then, I sat in the college van and somewhat 'vented' to a fellow student about how I wanted and NEEDED to get away. Even if it was just for a few days or weeks. I even told this girl that I had tried to get my two friends to help me but they wouldn't.
Well....That so-called friend went straight to my dads' secretary and told her what I had said.

My dad then called me to his office, and asked me a question.

Here is the second lie I told.

Lie #2 - My dad asked me if I was planning on leaving with my friend again, I replied, 'No'.

He pointed his finger in my face and yelled...."LIAR!!!"  "I know for a FACT that you WERE trying to run away again!!!"

I called it and said who I thought had told him, but he refused to tell me how he had found out.
(I found out later from that fellow student how he had known. She DID apologize afterwards for having betrayed my confidence)

After that, my dad continued to yell and berate me.
It was during this 'conversation' that I asked my dad, "So what you're telling me, is that God will NOT tell me what His Will is for MY life unless He tells you first??"
"That's right!" was my father's reply.

That's when he told me I had to make a decision, to choose 'God's way' which was to yield to he and my mom's God given authority and do what they say, or choose the 'way of the transgressor'.
I told him that I couldn't make that decision because I did not believe that what he was doing was right.
He said I had to make that choice anyway, so I told him, "well, I guess I choose the way of the transgressor."
He LOVED that!
He told me that I would now have NO place to go, and not to call any of the other pastors in the area for help because he would just tell them that I had chosen the way of the transgressor and that was that.

He then left to go deal with something involving his church and I went downstairs. I snuck into the secretary's office and made a call to yet another friend. She wasn't at home, but for some reason her dad gave me the number to reach her at.(he must have heard the desperation in my voice when he told me she wasn't home)
I called her and she came to the church parking lot with a different vehicle so that people would not recognize it. I lay on the back seat as we exited the church property.
I stayed with my friend that night, and the next morning the guy who I had a crush on had worked something out with family of his in Winnipeg for me to stay there with them.

They were so nice to me, they bought me some new clothes and underwear (I only had my duster,hat,denim skirt and shirt,cowboy boots and sweats for sleeping)
Words will never be enough for me to express my thankfulness to those people!

A few days into it, THEIR pastor came to the house and told me that I was no longer welcome to stay there.
This pastor told me that he and his wife would be going out to the Winkler area to visit a family member and that they could take me back to my parents.
I said that I didn't want to be 'spanked' again. That pastor then dialed my dad on the phone and had him talk to me.
I can't say I really remember what me OR my father said, my head was just rushing. Where else was I supposed to go???

I finally agreed to go with this pastor and his wife. On the way there, yet another pastor talked to me on a cell and said that they (the other pastors getting into this) just needed me to TRY and reconcile with my dad, that I needed to show THEM that I was trying everything in MY power to make things right.

Once we got back to my dads' church, the other pastor and his wife just left.....they left me there at my dads' church.
We went up to my dads' church office, and my dad sat down and asked me why I had come back.
I said that I was going to try and yield to their authority.
He just looked at me and asked, "Why don't you just say you WILL, not that you'll TRY??"
"Because I don't know if I can." was my response.
"Well...she'll be gone again." he said folding his hands together over his belly and looking at my mom.
That was on a Friday.

That Sunday was quite a blur for me, the afternoon was again filled with my dad yelling and pointing his finger in my face.
Then, he told me I just needed to go and he walked out of his office.
I got up to leave, and my mother stood up sobbing and asked, "Where do you think you're going?"
"Dad just told me to leave, so I'm leaving." I replied.
She started crying again and pointed to my youngest brother Jeremy sleeping on my dads' office couch.
"He loves and adores his big sister,I will do everything in my power to keep you here with him!"
Right as she said that, my dad returned. He walked around his desk and sat back in his chair.
"What's going on?" he asked my mom.
"Mike, you can't just let her leave like this." my mom cried.
"Well, she made her choice...She told us with her own mouth that shes choosing the way of the transgressor." Then he looked at me and said, " What are you waiting for, Bye!" He gave me a sickening smile and waved his hand.

As I was going downstairs to call yet ANOTHER friend, (one who I had tried meeting with in the washroom the weekend before)
One of the deacons' wives stopped me and said she wanted to talk to me.
She asked me if I was planning on leaving again, I said probably. She also asked who I was going to call, I said I wasn't going to say who.
She then asked if she could pray with me about the situation, and I said 'sure'.
As we bowed our heads, she then proceeded to pray that should God see fit, to end my life so that I would not 'continue on in my rebellion'.
As soon as she said those words, I lifted my head up and just stared at her.


Pretty much as soon as she stopped her 'praying' I went downstairs. There was a phone in the hallway and I used it to call my friend.
We could only talk in 2 or 3 minute intervals because I didn't want anyone to know I was planning on leaving.
My friend had an AWESOME idea and told me that she would call our former youth pastor and his wife and see if they could somehow help.(they had been kicked out of the church prior)
After several phone calls back and forth, the plan was set in motion.
As I put on my cowboy hat and duster, I glanced back at my little brother sitting by the stairs. Then I walked out.
I walked down the street and hid behind a tree as my youth pastor and his wife picked me up.


They took me back to the college so that I could get my clothes,but the locks had already been changed. They then brought me out to Steinbach to Pastor (Dr.) Dave Millar's home.
Doc Millar and his family, allowed me to stay with them for many months until I was able to move out on my own.

I was able to start a new life.


  1. Well written, friend. Looking back at that period of time in our lives, it's like remembering a bad movie that we watched at some point....doesn't seem an entirely different lifetime. It's strange how I've blocked out so many different portions of time. I'm proud of you being so you've always been. Much love!

  2. wow... you are a very strong woman. PMS is a true monster that needs to meet a NAVY seal in a back ally somewhere and get the tar beaten out of him. the fact that he is still messing with people's families is sickening, I believe your blog will help put an end to all this horrible stuff that keeps happening. -keeping hope alive

  3. Oh my. I'm speachless. I never knew the detailed circumstances of why/how you left PVBC. I feel so sorry for you. I feel sorry for your Mother too. Am I reading between the lines, that this may not have been how she would have handled the situation?
    A question: what could your father have done differently that would have changed the course of your life?
    I'm curious to know as a parent...if (for some reason), I didn't feel that the person my child wanted to marry was right for could you express that in love?
    It seems to me that no matter what my children did, I wouldn't ever shun them. I would still love them unconditionally. I'm so sad that didn't happen for you.

  4. I remember that as if it was yesterday.
    Sometimes I wonder if your Dad had let you go to Pensacola Christian College when you were 18, if you would still be on speaking terms with your family today.
    I know the reason you left was not because of a boy, it was because you felt trapped, not being allowed to make decisions for yourself.
    As a parent, if my child wanted to date or marry someone that I didn't feel was right for them, I would tell them the reason why, maybe they were too bossy or the personalities would clash.
    To tell a teenager/adult that they can't do something, usually makes them want it more.

  5. I remember how this even was the big "whispered" topic of conversation in the church for a very long time...We left the church about the same time you were going thru this and have always been concerned about whether the "truth" would ever be told.
    I am glad you finally felt you could tell everyone about what really happened and not the lies that the congregation were being fed!

  6. Laura,
    Please name the names of the people who aided your father in this.
    Name the deacons wife who prayed for your life to end. If she is still ``serving`` at PVBC, or anyone else still serving there for that matter.
    With the huge number of people viewing your blog, I assume the vast majority are current members checking this blog out.
    Help people see the truth.

  7. I agree that the fawning, pastor-adoring quislings and deacon's wife who prayed for your death should be outed and shamed.I don't think it's gossip or slander to warn your child about a bully or molester, nor to inform others of the true character of fork-tongued snakes and dictators.
    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

  8. Laura my heart goes out to you. You were/are so brave. God will take care of you. You will become stronger as you write about this. It is healthy to get this out. Love you from Dakotas Grandma

  9. Wow Laura!!
    Thank you for sharing your story. You do not know who I am but I am a mother of 4 beautiful children and I hope and pray that I will never control them like that. I met you years ago and had a very good idea that things were going to go in that direction for you.


  11. How many non-Christians would even hope for a child to die because of perceived rebellion? A hateful "prayer" like that should never come from a professing Christian. That sounds more like something you'd expect when there is a voodoo doll in hand.

  12. john and heather dyckJanuary 31, 2011 at 11:40 AM

    well laura, what can john and i say except "God Bless you" and He will. the few times we have met i have seen your freedom in the Lord. We admire your courage and honesty. all this happened after we left the church but of course as gossip goes........we did hear "things" it is always great when the truth comes out. because the truth WILL set you free. it is wonderful how you have chosen to follow the Lord and lead your children to Him. love in Christ john and heather dyck

  13. Laura,
    We have never met, but I've heard so much about you, and have always wanted to meet you. I'll be honest, everything I heard was bad, but somehow couldn't believe everything I heard. I think you are very brave for writing this and commend you for it. The words, "For such a time as this." comes my mind. And, like Esther I know God will use you and this blog to help many people still entangled with the "yoke of bondage" your father has put them in.

    I started attending PVBC shortly after you left, and was very confused by the whole situation. So many rumors, so many opinions. But, I'm glad to FINALLY hear your side of the story. I can just imagine the sermons that will be spuing from that whipping post "they" happen to call a pulpit in the coming days and weeks ahead.

    My husband and I no longer attend and, we are possibly facing our own "execution" from the church for simply speaking the truth.

    I feel sorry for those still attending there who refuse to open there eyes and see the truth. For fear that change will come. They are spiritually asleep and don't even know it. And, some don't want to be awakened. It's sad!

    I am glad God has given you the inspiration to write this blog. And, I just wanna say as encouragment to you, a phrase that's popular among baptists...."Shake that tree, and rip the lips off that chicken!". God be with you!

  14. Regardless of who listens to your story, it is still important that the truth be available.

    There was a time when your father's 'ministry' helped me work through some things.

    The truth of what continues to really happens there make me sick.

    Our Saviour does not forgive unless forgiveness is requested. He does not bless that which he hates.

    Rest assured in your knowledge of the truth.

    God bless!

  15. Living in the truth is the only path to true freedom. Thank you for telling your story!

  16. Laura, the Bible says that Lying lips hate those who are afflicted by them. What you write is nothing but lies.

  17. dude, you wouldn't know truth if it hit you in the face. its no wonder, you get lied to all the time by the master manipulator, almost feel sorry for you...

  18. I can't verify if the accounts are true in this story or not, but I am a father of teens, and I have found myself in the same authoritarian position as her father (although I've never prayed for my daughters death) so I tend to believe at least the emotional account is accurate. I have since realized my error, and this testimony has helped me a great deal. Thank you for posting this blog. I'll be looking for more additions.

  19. Hi Laura
    I am quite familiar with your story and remember much of that era well. So glad to see that you have the courage to let others into your life. My sympathy goes out to you and your siblings as well as your dear old grandparents, J & S. I wish your dad would preach more with his life of that which comes from his mouth on Sunday at 11:00 am. That is good advise for all of us.

  20. Wow. I just found your blog today, and am reading your story. Some of the things your dad said sound a lot like what my dad said when I moved out (in July). It sounds like you're cut off from your family now? Me too. :(

    Keep writing. Truth cannot be kept under wraps!!

  21. Faith says...Laura I know your parents and I know that if and when you come to the end of yourself as the prodical son did they will be there to welcome you with open arms. There is no need for this blog if you really have a desire to do right. I am sure you still know where your parents live. Why not do right while you still can?Your parents love you very much. You are hurting your oun daughters by what you are doing.I beg you please for the cause of Christ do right.

  22. The difference between Laura and the prodigal son is that Laura was driven away from her home by her parents, whereas the prodigal son chose, out of rebellion, to leave and see what the world had to offer. Also, Laura's heart desired to draw closer to God, but the prodigal son rejected God for a time. Despite this, his parents did NOT throw him out or shun him. In Laura's case, it seems obvious to me that it would be the parents who need to come to the end of themselves and repent.

  23. Faith says:Laura chose to leave because of rebellion.Laura wanted her oun way and no rules. When the prodigal son left home the Bible says he wasted his substance with riotous living. According to Luke 15:11-21 the father never left home looking for his son.No were do we read that the prodigal rejected God for a time. It says he wasted his substance. He was not living at home at this time.In fact he was a Jew but because he had wasted all he had and was hungry he got a job looking after pigs which was a disgrace for a Jew. While there in the pig barn he said to himself that his fathers hired help had it better than he did.He repented of his ways then started for home.His father met him with open arms. The prodigal asked if he could be his fathers hired hand. There was true repentance on the part of the son. The father seeing that his son was repentant forgave him.Laura needs to come to the place where she is sick and tired of her sin and willing to admit she is wrong in what she has done. Pastor Sullivant and Brenda wlll be ready to do their part.The whole family has been praying for this.

  24. I don't dispute there could be fault on both sides - but I also agree the parents should "repent" their wrongdoing and not just wait for the rest of their earthly lives waiting for Laura to do it first. She is serving God, she is not living in sin. They should get to know Laura as the person she is now , talk with her, laugh with her and enjoy their grandchildren. They need to agree to have certain topics of the past off limits.

  25. I've avoided this blog, mostly because it dredges up horrible, horrible memories of the things that happened to friends like you, Laura, as well as myself and family members who were involved in PVBC as well as KPBC at the time. While I've gotten past it all emotionally and spiritually (which, btw, isn't an easy thing) as well as geographically, I can't be silent when I read "anonymous" postings questioning the validity and accuracy of your story.
    Having been there, let me just say to all of them: Laura is telling the truth, as it happened. The treatment she (and others) have received from her parents and those of their ilk is nothing short of abuse, and to say otherwise is either ignorance or deception. I'm so happy for you, Laura, and for the place to which God has brought you. Your family is beautiful, and you have blossomed from that scared little cowgirl into a lovely mother, wife, and woman of God. Well done, my friend...well done.

  26. Laura, what is the purpose of this blog? What are your motives?

    I cannot judge you whether you are telling the truth or not and I can't judge Pastor Sullivant whether he really did that to you or not.

    We are living in the present time now. By you creating this blog if it's true, telling other people, broadcasting to other people that your father failed in dealing with your situation 12 years ago. What would happen next? When this blog reaches PVBC crowd? I could see that this kind of information might cause more conflict between members thus cause in a division in the church or worst than that people lose trust in your father. I wanted to believe you and if you are telling the truth, if I was at your place, the first thing I would do is to FORGIVE my parents. I would pray to God and ask for courage and wisdom and meet my parents again and have a talk. You can tell them how they made you feel during those times that they were doing that to you. And then seek answers to questions unanswered. Ask why they did that to you and ask if they regret doing it to you. If you are telling the truth, God will bless you. If God touches Pastor Sullivant's heart to make a public apology about what he did to you, then it will happen. But if you are not telling the truth, this kind of blog will not only ruin your father but will cause discouragement with members at PVBC. Not only that but also think about what your children going to ask you in the future.

    I do not know Pastor Sullivant's side of the story and I also do not know you but I will be praying for you and your situation. I pray that restoration will come to place and not destruction.


  27. the thing is Mr. 058630, Laura was not the first nor has she been the last that PMS has treated this way, or has given advice to parents to treat their children this way. One family had a funeral for their daughter as to PMS's advice after their daughter left home when she was 18, other parents have ignored PMS's advice to "pretend like she is dead".
    then there is the outright lies of telling people Laura failed a lie detector when questions about her abuse came up...
    and this information is just scratching the surface of wrong/criminal behavior by PMS, not a man fit to lead a church or anyone for that matter.

  28. First off I commend you Laura for speaking out and sharing the truth with everyone. Don't be discouraged by the people commenting and speaking against what you are writing... they are choosing to believe the lies your father has spoken.

    058630 - I think the purpose of this blog is clear.. Laura is trying to find healing, and also trying to share the truth with the world. Can you image spending your life as an outcast? Living under the harsh rule of a dictating father? Being told you are a liar from every angle? And.. I believe that if this brings truth to the members of her father's church all the better... many need to leave that church.. find freedom, read the Bible for themselves and not just believe what her father has to say about the topics at hand.

    Bless you Laura.. all the best.

  29. So many people don't have any idea of what went on with the majority of the people blogging! I guess if making false accusations with no facts just assumptions and going against clear teachings found in the Bible make these folks "right" with God than by all means post!!
    But First Corinthians 5:11 talks about the railer" which is "One who scoffs, insults, censures or reproaches with opprobrious (shameful;disgraceful) language" according to the 1828 Dictionary.
    Galatians 1:8-10, "But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed. For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ."
    If you go back and check these posts and comments you'll find nothing but "railing" and people mad with no Bible-basis for their hate. I said Bible basis. Are you writing what you are writing to please men, or to be the servant of Christ? And if you are writing to be the servant of Christ, would He back you up? Everyone has all these "facts" but are afraid to put them out there. I'm so glad everyone is "free". You are free to make the choice, but not free to choose the consequences.

  30. in response to "Concerned Adult"February 17, 2011 at 11:30 PM

    Titus 2, Eph. 4:14-16, Hebrews 13, 1 Tim. 3:1-7, Titus 1:6-16, Romans 16:17-18

    Read those first then continue reading...

    The bible has very clear definitions of a man who is to be a pastor, or have any leadership spot for that matter. PMS is disqualified by even your own admissions. There is also clear instructions as to what we are to do (Mark a man) to those who abuse their authority.

  31. If you folks could come up with some facts that would make him disqualified then I might listen to you!! But being strong against false teachers and people in known sin hardly makes a man disqualified. How has he abused authority? All he does is preach the gospel and seek to please the Lord, and if that means telling people to stop spreading false doctrine and take care of known sin, I did not say be perfect, but strive to be pure and live a holy life. 1 Peter 1:16
    does he claim to be perfect? No he never has!
    But he can stand against false teachers, Gal. 1:8-10, and all this blog is and has been about is people railing against a preacher, telling lies, making assumptions, and only believing what they want to hear and not the truth!!
    How is it wrong to stand against those that make accusations that when presented with the facts they say they don't care! They say they know the truth but can't prove it! Really sounds like the preacher should step down because people don't like what he is preaching from the Bible.
    BTW take your facts to the people that can do something about it! O I forgot you don't have any!! You can twist what I say here just like you did in the last post, but he has not abused his authority, if anything he has fulfilled the office of a pastor in a way that pleases the Lord, and that is what matters!

  32. I have read a lot of comments on here about facts and proof. You claim that Laura doesn't have any proof.. does her father? Most of this argument has come, not because of Laura's blog posts but because of the discussion in the comment section. She has not said she is against the teachings of the Baptist church, nor has she said she is against her father, the Pastor.

    She is simply sharing her story. From her view point. Isn't that proof enough? Isn't this simply his word (her father) against her word (Laura)? And, haven't you (the church members) simply chosen his word over hers because he is your Pastor?

    It's simple really.. if she was any other girl, sharing her story of her relationship with her father and how controlling he was of her, the fact that she was 18 years old and wanted to be a part of deciding what God's will was for her life.. wouldn't the comments in the blog be completely different? But she isn't any girl is she.. no She is Pastor Michael Sullivant's daughter. And it is YOU that are blowing this out of proportion.

    Think about it.. Her father shared his side of the story... told everyone within reach of him that she was was a liar, a sinner, a rebellious teenager who decided to choose the way of the transgressor. Isn't it time for her to be able to share her side... of being fully grown (18 years old), of never having been able to make decisions for herself (where she would go to collage, of whether she would go on missions and where, and whom she wanted to speak to and become friends with)?

    There is a lot of people on here accusing her of having left the church and her father simply because she was interested in a boy her father didn't want her to see. She never said that and you haven't allowed her to explain herself .... I think it's much deeper than that. A lifetime of being controlled.. can you image not being able to speak to anyone without every work coming back to your father? Can you image being told whom you can speak to, and whom you can be friends with? Where you can go to collage, and where you will go on missions? She was 18 years old.. fully grown, a young adult.. she should have been allowed to make decisions for herself.. or at least have a say in the matter.

    She never made this about the church. Everyone else did.. and it has brought a lot of light to the situation. People are not being turned away from the church because of what she has had to say but rather of all of you are saying.

  33. 1 Tim. 3:1-7, Titus 1:6-16

    "blameless" (a lot of blame going around from multiple sources) "children not accused of riot or unruly." (he's done the accusing and so have many of you, if she's not guilty of rebellion then, neither is he, talk to his parents much?)
    those are the ones only you guys can even possibly admit to, many of the other attributes others have seen for themselves but you will just dismiss.

  34. The God that I serve is a God of Love, mercy, and grace. Without any of these we would all be lost ! Pastor Sullivant reminds me of another man of his ilk, Adolf Hitler. Both controlling, totalitarian dictators running their regime with an iron fist ! To pray for the death of your own child because of your perceived transgression! Are you without sin or transgression in your life Pastor Sullivant ? Maybe your parents should have prayed for your death if you sinned as a child ? You point out a speck in someone else's eye while there is a plank in your own ! I have 4 children that i love dearly and they have sinned, I have sinned, we all have sinned. Are we not all so blessed that we serve a loving merciful FORGIVING GOD who paid the price for our sin. Should we not forgive as God forgave! It seems along the way PMS has lost his way and needs to remember whom he is serving, a Loving, Gracious, and most of a all MERCIFUL GOD !

  35. Wasn't the feeling of Freedom after running away amazing?! I LOVED it! A lot of stress and questions are still there I know but I would do it all over again. It was a terrifying moment for me kinda. But I have a relationship with god that is so awesome and a new life and I'm so happy u have that to Laura. :) -Amanda Graham Wolfe

  36. rebels finding rebels

  37. In response to Anonymous #1
    I think the purpose of this blog is clear.. Laura is trying to find healing, and also trying to share the truth with the world.
    ***do you think Laura will find healing by sharing the truth with the world?

    In Response to Anonymous #2
    Laura was not the first nor has she been the last that PMS has treated this way, or has given advice to parents to treat their children this way.....and this information is just scratching the surface of wrong/criminal behavior by PMS, not a man fit to lead a church or anyone for that matter.
    ***this is such a harsh word to say. "A soft answer turneth away wrath but grievous words stir up anger." No one I believe has the right to say a man is not fit to lead a church. Everyone didn't have the right to go to heaven but Jesus made that possible. Also one thought, if PMS is not fit to lead the church, don't you think God would have not blessed PVBC over the last 12 years? Like look how God is working in that church. People can say that God is not in that church and Satan had been working there for the last 12 years or should I say since it started? But are we really going to think that way?

    Laura, like what I said in my previous post, I am not judging you. All I'm saying here is the moment you started this blog the world new your story, but what's next? Man sees the outward but God sees your heart. Only God knows what's in your heart. Only God knows what's in Pastor Sullivant's heart. I am still praying for restoration. I am praying that God would touch Pastor Sullivant's heart, your heart and everyone's heart about this matter.

    I heard that Michael Sullivant from Thailand is in town for the Missions Conference this week at PVBC. Maybe you can plan on attending this conference? Why not show yourself at PVBC this week? I know you still love your family. I think your family still loves you too. If in case they show you hatred when you come to PVBC then the problem is with them not with you. If they have unconfessed sins against you, it's their accountability with God not you. Jesus was despised and rejected by men, yet he still died for us and loved us. I am praying for you Laura.

  38. Dear 058630,

    a man (PMS) is not fit to lead a church according to the BIBLE not me. Have problems with that, take it up with God. When you do finally see the truth in God's word, take it up with the church leadership, I bet you'll be able to count the seconds on how fast you get "church disciplined".

    Many good christians are not fit to lead a church because of past mistakes (divorce, issues with anger, disorderly house, love of money, etc) its not about being right with God but being a good example, having a good testimony with the community and not putting shame on the name of Christ.

    God's word will not return to him void, even if people abuse the authority God lets them have. Jack Hyles ministry lasted for how long? God can take what men mean for evil and use it for good.

  39. Hi Titus 1:6-9,

    You are right BUT you're not the Bible. And the Bible also states vengeance is mine I will repay saith the Lord. Granting that PMS had really done wrong, then it's his accountability with God. If God can forgive, then man should be able to do so. What if he doesn't ask for forgiveness? So what? You can still forgive him. God has forgiven us even before we ask forgiveness.

    I don't go to PVBC, I've been there 3 times only. And as I said earlier, I'm not writing at this blog to judge Laura or PMS. I'm not here to side at anyone.

    What I see happening here are people who make negative comments against PMS have bitterness in their heart. I'm not saying that PMS is always right as I don't know him but even if he is what is described in this blog, he shall not prosper.

    I disagree when you said "Its not about being right with God but being a good example, having a good testimony..." It is very important that our hearts are right with God.

    I agree God's Word will not return to Him void.

  40. "God's Word will not return to Him void" is absolutely correct. PVBC preaches salvation by grace, that is the only reason it is prospering.

    Doesn't change the fact that it's preacher is as corrupt as they come. Think about Jack Hyles - he was a wicked man that preached for 54 years.
    We need to clean house. Badly. Get a REAL man of God preaching at PVBC the same salvation message.

    Problem is, most of you love your preacher more then you love truth, or even God himself. You don't think about it that way, but your actions shout it out.

    I truly hope for PMS sake that when he gets to the judgement seat he doesn't hear the words "depart from me you worker of iniquity, I never knew you" that would truly be a sad day.

  41. How appropriate that you read Ps 23 ... the LORD is your Shepherd, your dad is only an "undershepherd" maybe trying to be THE Shepherd ... the Lord will give you LIFE, Feed you, Guide you, make you lie down in green pastures, The LORD will restore your soul for HIS name's sake and His glory... My heart aches for you... may you be fully restored by the GOOD SHEPHERD ...

  42. I don't get it.

    How does this 'help' anyone? Did you consider it might send some kids who don't agree with their parents down the same road you went down without cause?

    Does this benefit the cause of Christ?

    It may help because people will pat you on the back and say "good job, good job" so you get some positive attention from it. (I don't know or think this is necessarily the case)

    I don't agree with what I've read and I think you're intentions may not be awful BUT there is no good that will come from it.

    Why not deal with this in private? Why bring the whole world into your family?

    If the facts are true, there is shame there. I would imagine there is shame on both sides though.

    As I said, not judging, but this is a situation where no good came come of it. Is the goal to have Pastor Sullivant ostracized? Kicked out of the church? "Marked".

    What is the purpose of sharing your side of this story?

    I don't know you or your family at all, that's just my view of it.

    Whether you intend to sow discord, you can rest assured it is being sowed. By going public with this (world-wide public, not just local church public) you are putting your parents and former church in a very peculiar spot.

  43. My family and I also left a very abusive church several years ago, except this one was in the neighboring town from Winkler. That pastor and his wife also have the thinking that it is their way, or no way. They too are very pridefull and arrogant. It is too sad when a so-called preacher judges his own kids by a different yard stick then he does himself.
    Laura, may God bless you as you share your story.

  44. I have been going to PVBC for about two and a half years so I haven't been there when all this was going down but don't you think that if the accusations were true about pastor Sullivant that his other kids would experience the same dictatorship. everyone of his 7 children would have to keep this a secret , could you imagine the guilt and conviction they would have to live with for the rest of there lives. At least one would break down and tell the truth. If his kids are right with God you can guarantee that they would be tormented with guilt to tell the truth. I don't see Pastors kids suffering. They are leading happy God honoring lives (not perfect but no one is except Jesus) .his children are either really good liars and devoid of feelings and emotions or the abuse never happened. We heard both sides and we are not leaving the church anytime soon .

  45. A Modern Day ZealotApril 16, 2011 at 1:42 PM

    The Season Is nigh for for gathering of the saint's for the separating of the chaff from the wheat,the sheep from the wolves.And to be brought together for the Glory of the our Father.The lies and deceit of men shall be revealed and be made known to all mankind,for the wickedness in the hearts and their deeds shall be made known.Rise up Oh Children, says the lord for I will deliver you.Stand strong for I am with you.Truly I say unto you this land shall know you are my people, and I your God ! Amen.

  46. This first comment is to Laura, you are an amazing woman for having the courage to stand up for what is right and tell your story regardless of what people have to say about it. I believe every word of your story, and the only thing that really matters is that God knows the truth. I think the only thing that we as a society can hold on to, is the fact that these people who attend PVBC and the people that are responsible for teaching and molding the thoughts and beliefs of the congregation will be judged accordingly. This is not the true message of the Bible, God gave us free will for a reason. No Pastor should, and I don't even like calling Mike Sullivant a pastor, because no real pastor tries to control their congregation, good pastors lead by example. God's main message in the bible is to love one another UNCONDITIONALLY! Praying for Laura's or that boys death, is not what I would call unconditional love. There is no other way to say it, but anyone that attends that church and that believes in the crazy rants of these "leaders" are just as crazy! But what I'm most scared about, are the young and impressionable children that are going to grow up being taught nothing but fire and brimstone, and nothing about the true message of the bible and how we should treat others. You parents that attend this church should be ashamed of yourself, since when is it good parenting practice to raise your children in a cult???? I would love for anyone of these "leaders" or members to finally get a backbone and put some names behind those ridiculous comments that you leave on this blog. Is there a reason why these comments being made in defense of the church and it "leaders" never have any names attached?? My belief is that these people are truly ashamed of their actions and therefore don't want to be embarrassed by the fact that this has been and EXTREMELY poor representation of TRUE CHRISTIANITY is about. Any way you want to slice it this is what a cult is, PVBC is a cult!

  47. A Modern Day ZealotApril 17, 2011 at 3:24 PM

    Did you know that Jesus was a Rebel in his day and age ?

  48. Laura,
    Thank you for your courage to say these things. It must be difficult to relive these things as you write about them. My wife and I are praying for you and your family.